This blog is a collaboration of some of the best M/M erotic romance authors being published today. We write stories brimming with action, mystery and adventure, featuring characters that run the range from cowboys, to rock stars, to vampires and aliens with everything in between in settings that bring readers to new and different worlds, on both this planet and others.

But most of all, these stories give you romance — hot, steamy, tell-it-like-it-is, M/M manlove!

It’s a romance genre we love and believe in and we know it’s here to stay. FICTION WITH FRICTION offers readers a wide range of sensual variety with our varied writing styles and the unlimited boundaries of our daring imaginations. We write about sultry nights, stolen, lustful moments and lovers that challenge the odds in the universal search for love and happiness.

M/M Erotic Romance is a growing part of the Romance Community. It is creating acceptance and helping to shed antiquated prejudices. It illustrates the undeniable fact that love is love, no matter what the gender of the people involved. It celebrates loving relationships and shows the world that heartache, sacrifice, passion and hopefully, everlasting love happens to everyone.

And that’s the way we write every erotic, explicit, exciting moment of it!

We hope you will join us. Get to know us. Find out who we are and what we do,


(this post written by the lovely Laura Baumbach and posted by yours truly, Ally Blue :D)

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