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Okay, lately I have been having a lot of feels and a whole lot of Deep Thoughts about my favorite TV shows. So now y’all get to listen to me talk about my various ideas, theories and possibly whacko speculation regarding the plotlines and/or character arcs. I know y’all watch this stuff too so please, chime in! Either here or on my FB page, or on Twitter. I love talking about my shows!

First off, for anyone who doesn’t know what’s up, herein are MASSIVE SPOILERS for the newest seasons of Downton Abbey, The Walking Dead, and Breaking Bad. Also possibly for Dr. Who, though the last episode other than the Christmas special was SO DAMN LONG AGO I can’t even hardly remember it <_<

That said, I'm about to get all college lit up in here. Well, sort of. My brain's not online enough to get really college lit.

Regarding Downton Abbey:
- Thomas is gay. We all got the memo in season one. And now, we find out that almost everyone is going to be all nice and accepting. Which is awesome for Thomas, and awesome for our modern sensibilities, but not one bit realistic for the time period and setting. I am torn about this, because in all honesty I WANT Thomas’s sexuality to be accepted and if he’s hated, I want it to be for his scheming, backstabbing ways, not because he’s gay. But it’s hard to overlook this type of blatant unrealisticness. I might forgive them if they give him a real love interest though. Does that make me shallow???
- At the rate time is passing in this show, they’re going to have to turn over the cast in a couple of years. Slow it down, guys.
- I LOVE MAGGIE SMITH. And I love the Dowager. <3
- I still don’t like Mary. She’s the hipster of the 1920s. Always too cool for school.
- Matthew will forever be Grumpy Cat to me. May he rest in grumpy peace.

Regarding Breaking Bad:
- I used to feel bad for Walt. Now I HATE him with the burning heat of a thousand suns.
- Jesse, however, I like more and more as time goes on. He actually has a fairly strong moral core, which we didn’t see in the beginning. It’s like his role and Walt’s are switching around as time passes.
- IMO, the meth game hasn’t been about money for Walt in a long, long time. It’s a power trip. He wants to be the big kahuna. He wants to lord it over everyone. He couldn’t give a fuck about the money anymore.
- I don’t think he’s actually quit. I think he totally lied about that. I realize I have a pretty damn good chance of being wrong, especially since Hank has now figured out that Walt is the “WW” of the quote in Gayle’s notebook. But I still think he lied, because he’s become a giant dickhole megalomaniac and lying about it is something he’d do at this point.
- I really wish I’d bought some of that blue rock candy “meth” at The Candy Lady in Albuquerque when I had a chance. Sigh.

Regarding The Walking Dead (on which I could wax eloquent all damn night but I’ll restrain myself):
- On Talking Dead this week, one of the guests (the female one, I can’t remember her name, and she was amazing!) talked about Rick telling Morgan he had to come back from the edge, and how she thought Rick was really talking to himself. That he needed to believe Morgan could come back because he needed to believe he himself could come back. That truly resonated with me. I agree one hundred percent. Rick’s been walking a thin line lately. He’s ready to fall into the abyss, and he needs to hope he can come back to his family, his friends, and his life, as different as it is now. The guest believed — and I agree — that he sees himself in Morgan.
- Rick’s group at the jail, IMO, runs a very real risk of having Carl take over as leader of their group, sooner rather than later, if Rick can’t get his shit together ASAP. Darryl is capable but he won’t want to lead. I get the feeling he prefers to follow a person he truly admires and believes in. Barring that, he’d rather be a loner. Glen would be willing and has the strength of mind and the heart for it, but is too impulsive. Hershel is more the type to guide a leader behind the scenes rather than lead himself. His girls aren’t strong enough yet, especially the youngest (whose name I always forget, ugh!); Maggie could be a leader later on but she’s not ready yet. Carol could do it, but she wouldn’t want to. I think she’s a lot like Darryl in that sense. (speaking of which, I’m still waiting for them to hook up!) Carl would step in because he’s strong, smart, coolheaded, and practical, and he would see it as simply doing what needs to be done.
- Going off on a tangent of that same general theme, I am fascinated by the concept of the children growing up in the post-zombie-apocalypse world. They are completely different from their parents and all the other adults brought up in a kinder, gentler world. Carl, like his fellow children raised in this world, is colder, more pragmatic, less hesitant to do whatever needs to be done to survive. His sister is likely to be even stronger, colder, scarier, because she won’t ever have known anything else. They are the new humans, ruling a new world. I would love to see what becomes of them and their society in the future.

Regarding Dr. Who:
- I miss Amy and Rory :-(
- I am willing to give this new companion a chance, just as I was willing to give all the other ones a chance

So that’s my ramblings for the evening :) Please feel free to add your own!

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