Recently, I did some edits for a re-release which I mentioned the week before last. It should’ve been quick easy edits, but I’m a bit of a perfectionist. Okay, okay, there’s no “bit to it,” I’m a perfectionist. I ended up in my chair for twelve hours a day for ten days. It would have been fourteen but my body insisted I take a weekend break. By the third day my back and neck were killing me. I walked hunched over and groaned at each movement. My darling husband said, “Enough is enough. That chair is too big for you. I don’t care about cost or how it looks, find a chair you can sit in properly and order it or I will.”

I tend to buy things like chairs based on looks. I dislike modern looking furniture. I’m into the old heavy wood furniture with leather. I love the old world study look. You know the dark red leather couches with the brass studs in the arms? I like dark colors and masculine lines. So my chair is wood, leather and big. My feet don’t touch the ground, so I’m forced to set cross legged in it. My back and neck hate me for it. I was in enough pain that I actually listened to Andre and bought a new chair. A custom made ergonomic chair.

It is supposed to arrive tomorrow. I’m excited and concerned at the same time. I’m not crazy about the look, it looks modern to me. But if it helps my back and neck and lets me write for longer periods of time I’ll deal with it not looking pretty in my office. It’s also very expensive. Again, if it works it will be worth it, if not? Fortunately, I have a month to decide. I’m leery of the whole “ergonomic” label. If I’m not used to sitting “properly”, which I’m not, is it going to hurt to start sitting properly? After all my body is not used to it. And how long is that going to take to get used to? On second thought I can answer that. It’s going to take thirty days or not at all :).

I also bought a foot rest. I’m pretty short and have short legs, and I thought it might help me sit correctly. I went all out. I always have cold feet, so I bought a heated one. I think I’m actually more excited about the foot rest than the chair. So I guess will see. I’m either going to be able to sit in my chair longer and more comfortably or I’m going to be looking for another new chair. If the chair works out and is something I can recommend, I’ll post on it. If not I may be doing a post begging for suggestions.

Written by JL Langley

JL is a full-time writer, with over ten novels to her credit. Among her hobbies she includes reading, practicing her marksmanship (she happens to be a great shot), gardening, working out (although she despises cardio), searching for the perfect chocolate dessert (so far as she can tell ALL chocolate is perfect, but it requires more research)
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"My New Chair" by J.L. Langley was published on February 22nd, 2013 and is listed in J.L. Langley.

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