Okay, so I’m re-editing one of my old M/F stories to be republished. Actually, this is the first manuscript I ever published and it’s painful. Both literally and figuratively. My back and neck are killing me from almost 3 days straight in my computer chair. But the writing…UGH! It’s like being hit with a bag of hammers. Hence the real pain. This story is taking forever to rework. I swear if I see one more form of the word look, I’m going to scream bloody murder. On a positive note. After I get done with this it’s going to be much improved. There will be much rejoicing…from me anyway. :) So in an effort to get myself back to work and stay on schedule, I must cut this short, so I can get back to actual writing. I promise a much longer more interesting blog post next week. And because I’m cutting this post short I’ll leave you with one of my favorite scenes. And since we are talking old books…. Here is a scene from One Good Favor, my story from the Ties that Bind anthology.

“…get sperm from Gus.”
Evan jerked the cell phone away from his ear and stared at it, hoping he’d misheard his

People milled in and out of the stables, caring for their horses. Neighs and snorts
bounced off the walls. One of the mares a few stalls down carried on, destroying her empty
water bucket by banging it into the wall. The place was pretty loud, but for the life of him,
Evan couldn’t come up with any other sentence that both made sense and sounded like
what he thought he’d heard. He leaned back against the stall door, returned the phone to
his ear and waved to one of the barrel racers as she walked by with her horse in tow.

Out of the corner of his eye he saw a dark blur, then Gus stuck his head over the stall
door. Nuzzling in, Gus rested his face next to Evan’s ear and knocked Evan’s felt hat
crooked. Even still, Gus was close enough Evan could feel the downy soft peach fuzz
covering the black nose against the back of his hand. Evan leaned into the familiar heat,
trying to collect his thoughts. “What did you say?” He idly petted the stallion’s nose.

“I need you to collect semen from Gus.” Mark let out a long suffering sigh, like he
couldn’t believe he was having to repeat himself. “Alfred Cooper offered me twelve
hundred to breed Gus to his mare, Rosy. That will make the eight grand you paid for him

“Mark, I am not jerking off my horse.”

Bo Graf, one of the bulldoggers, stumbled on his way down the aisle. His mouth hung
wide open as he looked back at Evan. Glaring, he shook his head and continued on his way,
looking over his shoulder at Evan the whole way.

Great, they already treated Evan like an outcast because he was gay, now there were
going to be rumors of bestiality, too. Evan pointed to the phone and shrugged. “I’ve
already made the money I paid for Gus back in prize money.”

“There is this thing on Ebay. I’m going to order it. All’s you have to do is hold it and
get him to—”

“Mark. No. You can’t just do this stuff out of the blue. You need specialists and people
who know what they are doing. It’s all very clinical.” Evan ran his hand down his face,
trying not to laugh. He should have gone back to the motel room with Mark. Every time
Mark got online, he came up with these harebrained ideas. Last month he tried to buy a
rope with a metallic gold cord woven throughout it. Evan was going to have to hide Mark’s
laptop again.

Gus nibbled at the phone, catching Evan’s fingers between his lips.

“Cut it out.” Evan batted at the stallion with his free hand.

“Evan, this could be a profitable venture. Gus is unique. There aren’t a lot of wall-eyed,
black quarter horses with four white socks and a white star on the fore—”

Chris, a fellow team roper and friend, stepped in front of him, rope in hand. “Mark left
this sitting in the back of my truck.”

Evan nodded and held out his hand. He needed to get a handle on this or his header
would be taking out ads for stud service. “When Gus and I are done with the rodeo circuit
we’ll talk about breeding him. Right now he’s the best roping horse on the circuit and I’m
not about to—”

Chris scoffed. “You mean the orneriest.”

Gus snorted at Chris, blowing snot all over Evan in the process.

“Ah, damn.” Evan held the phone away from his ear and took off his hat. He waved it
around, trying to get the horse boogers off. “Hold on Mark, I—”

Gus snatched the phone and danced backward in the stall throwing his head up and

Doubling over with laughter, Chris nearly dropped the rope.

“Shit.” Evan wiped the mucus off his cheek, plopped his cowboy hat back on his head
and held his hand out through the open space above the stall door. “Give me the phone.”

Turning his head away, Gus gave Evan a perfect view of his long, sleek, black, muscled
neck as if to say, “I can’t hear you”.

Oh, please don’t make me beg in front of Chris. “Don’t ignore me. I said give me the phone.”
Evan snapped his fingers, leaving his hand out. “Don’t make me come in there.”

Gus side-stepped and hovered his mouth over the water bucket—the water bucket
Evan had just filled—hanging from the side wall of the stall. Gus twitched his ears, making
one go forward and the other back as he stared at Evan.

“Whoa.” Evan held up his hands in surrender. This would be the second phone in three
months that Gus had killed. If Evan didn’t know better, he’d swear Gus was jealous of
Evan talking on the phone. The last time Evan had been trying to get directions to a date’s
motel. Gus had snatched the phone, flipped it up into the air, let it fall, then stepped on it.
“Come on, boy…please don’t.”

Evan leaned over the stall door, slow and easy. He wasn’t afraid of startling Gus, Gus
did not startle. But Evan knew damned well his horse would take any fast movement to
mean “play time,” And if Gus thought Evan was playing, he’d drop the phone in the water
for sure. “Please give me the phone… Pretty please, with sugar on top?”

“I swear to god that horse has you by the balls. Never in my life seen a grown man
plead with his horse.” Chris barked out between guffaws.

“Shut up, Chris.” Evan grabbed the bars on each side of the stall door and hefted
himself up. He threw one leg over the top and held his hand out to Gus. “Come on,
Darlin’, give me the phone. That’s a pretty boy, give me the—” The toe of Evan’s boot got
caught on the top plank of wood. There was no time for him to get it loose, he pitched
forward, off balance. Closing his eyes, he held his hands out to break his fall.

Chris scrambled forward and grabbed him by the belt.

Hooves clicked, a puff of air passed Evan’s cheek and his face landed hard against
warm hair.

“Fuck me.” Chris whispered.

Evan opened his eyes and saw nothing but black. He was suspended in the air, with his
nose mashed into Gus’s back. “Ow.”

Chris hauled him upright by the belt. That’s when Evan realized his other leg was
caught between Gus and the stall door. He pushed at Gus, making him move over just a

“He saw you falling and tried to break your fall. Shit, that horse is too damned smart.”
Evan smiled, patted Gus’s rump and hugged the horse’s back, not surprised one bit that
Gus had kept him from face-planting. Gus was smart. And loyal to a T. He’d saved Evan’s
stupid ass from falling a couple of times in the last three months. “Thanks, honey. Now
give me the phone.” Evan crawled the rest of the way onto the stallion’s back, straddling
him. He scooted up until he was practically on Gus’s neck, laid down flat and stretched his
hand out as far as he could.

Gus flipped his head and let go of the phone.

Evan heard the plop sound that water makes when something is dropped into it and
felt a drop on the back of his hand, then Chris burst into laughter again.

“Damnit, Gus.” Evan groaned and dropped his arm, lying limply on his horse’s back.
“We’re really going to have to have a talk about your hatred of cell phones.”

Written by JL Langley

JL is a full-time writer, with over ten novels to her credit. Among her hobbies she includes reading, practicing her marksmanship (she happens to be a great shot), gardening, working out (although she despises cardio), searching for the perfect chocolate dessert (so far as she can tell ALL chocolate is perfect, but it requires more research)
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"re-editing fun…not" by J.L. Langley was published on February 8th, 2013 and is listed in Excerpt, J.L. Langley.

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