I’m getting ready for GRL. While I’d like to say I’m composed, organized and prepared, any one who saw me would know differently. I’m probably wild-eyed and disheveled. I’m running around packing boxes full of promotional items, giveaways, gift baskets, books and odds and ends to get the last of things to the Post Office while there is still time to get them to the hotel in New Mexico before the event.

I’m excited about seeing everyone again. It feels like too long between the times when liked-minded and compatible people whose company I enjoy are able to get together in this increasingly busy and financially tight times. I have to make the most of the few days we are together and still try and slip in a little look around the city we are going to. I hate to visit a new place and see only the airport and the hotel!

If you are attending GayRomLit, please look for me. I’m the short, round, gray-haired old gal who likes to wear flashy kimona jackets and large jewelry. *g*
I’m shy. LOL.

Written by Laura Baumbach

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"The Crazy Has Began" by Laura Baumbach was published on October 10th, 2012 and is listed in Uncategorized.

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  1. Z.Allora wrote,

    Looking very forward to meeting you!!!
    I’m currently in New Mexico… spending time in Taos and Santa Fe before the GLR.
    Nice state, friendly people and pretty scenery.
    Big Hugs, Z.

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