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Well, “world” traveler may be just a bit of an exaggeration, seeing as how I’m several thousand dollars short of being able to engage in any sort of world travel at this point. But my girl-child and I are talking about having a little mother-daughter road trip to New Orleans at some point in the next few months. She’s never been there, and she NEEDS to go, because everyone has to see New Orleans at least once. And since I love that city and she and I both love shopping, sight-seeing, fine food and historic architecture, I definitely need to be the one to take her :)

Now, my budget being what it is — namely, tight — I’m going to have a tough time finding just the right place to stay. Naturally, I am turning to you guys, like I always do :D Here’s what I’m looking for in a hotel/B&B/inn:
* Location in or very near the French Quarter, in an area safe to walk around at night. To provide a yardstick here, I feel perfectly comfortable walking around anywhere in the Quarter at night by myself.
* Priced around or under $100/night. This is the hard part. But I need to get as close to this goal as humanly possible, unless my royalties pick up a lot in the next couple of months.
* I’d prefer a place with the classic, historic New Orleans architecture and charm. It doesn’t have to be full of antiques, but a lovely historic feel to it would be great.
* Coffee. Full or continental breakfast isn’t a necessity, but coffee in the lobby and/or room IS. I need my coffee in the morning! LOL.
* Parking, since we’re probably going to drive.

That’s my list. Obviously I want someplace clean and safe also! So what do you think? Does anyone know of anyplace that might fit the bill? Or maybe advice about how to find a place? Thanks in advance!

Written by Ally Blue

Ally is a rich and famous author of hot gay manlove. She travels the world in her private jet, being waited on hand and foot by her team of pretty young men who bring her umbrella drinks and make out for her pleasure . . . Okay, so that's her dream life. Her novels of Manlove & Angst are mostly written in her living room, in between working at the Evil Day Job and doing Mom Stuff. Oh, the glamorous life of an author!
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"Ally the World Traveler" by Ally Blue was published on September 25th, 2012 and is listed in Ally Blue.

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  1. cbkawaii wrote,

    There is a website called that has everything from private residences to hostels to B&B’s. I’ve used it a few times when traveling abroad, and the people I’ve met have been very helpful and welcoming.

  2. Ally Blue wrote,

    Cool! That sounds like just what I need. Thanks for the tip!

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