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In the continuing saga of the Northern Bears… Nuka Kisoun has been looking forward to his holiday in China for months. Two weeks as the fourth wheel for his cousin, Theo, and Theo’s two mates, may not sound like an adventure, but he’s game for anything. Only, his relaxing vacation turns into pandemonium when Nuka discovers their sweet, little tour guide is his mate. It’s every man for himself when panda shifter Jackie Yu meets a big, bad polar bear who plays for keeps.

Unedited Excerpt:
So far, Chengdu hadn’t been the best place to visit. It’d been pouring rain when they arrived and with the temperature being so warm it ended up being a muggy heat. Nuka and Theo were suffering worse than Chris and Rob so far, but he was hoping the place they were going for dinner was going to be air-conditioned at least. His big ass polar bear body wasn’t meant to be in humid weather.

Jackie had already told them Chengdu was famous for it’s hot and spicy food but he promised he’d be nice and not make them eat anything too bad. They’d visited a working Buddhist monastery this afternoon after lunch and Nuka had been fascinated by all of it. Well, to be honest, he’d been fascinated by how excited Jackie got telling them stories about his culture.

The monastery, Jackie had explained, had all sorts of statues that had been donated by Thailand. It dated back to the Ming dynasty, and was one of the few older buildings that was saved during the Cultural Revolution when Mao destroyed many of the old relics and places to make way for more modern structures. One of Mao’s top officials had come to Chengdu and saw the beauty of the monastery and intervened to ask Mao to save it. Nuka had wanted to stay and listen to Jackie longer, but they’d eventually had to leave to come for dinner.

Which was where they were now. The five of them had just sat down at a table in the corner of a restaurant. The place was packed, and Nuka looked around in curiosity. It appeared as if a table of businessmen was seated beside them. They were all in suits and were happily ordering multiple bottles of some kind of liquor.

“You said there was a show, right?” Nuka asked.

Jackie bounced in place beside him. The little guy barely came up to Nuka’s breastbone when he was standing, which made him want to smile. Sitting down, he just looked petite. Of course, that could have had more to do with Nuka’s 6’5” frame than anything else.

“Dinner and a show. You’re going to love the show, so I’ll make sure to tell you when to get up and watch from a better angle.”

A tiny little thing came up to their table and placed a large square pot in the middle of the table. For a few seconds her and Jackie conversed in Mandarin.

“Do you all want beer?” Jackie asked.

“Please, that would be great.” Theo grinned at Nuka. “Although, Robin and Christopher will be sharing this time.”

Nuka shook his head at the chorus of protests that erupted at that pronouncement. After the incident in Lijiang Nuka thought it was a good idea to limit what Rob and Chris drank. Although, he figured Theo hadn’t been too put out by the happy, horny lovers he’d enjoyed that night. Heck, Nuka had had to sleep with his headphones on thanks to the noises coming from the room beside him. It had served to make him even more pissed off that his cousin was enjoying his mates while Nuka’s mate was still playing shy.

Shaking his head at that thought, Nuka decided to let it go for the night. He didn’t want to pressure Jackie, but he was quickly running out of time.

Jackie quickly passed on their orders — at least, that was what Nuka assumed he was saying — and when their waitress left he picked up the menu that she’d left behind. It was probably the longest menu that Nuka had ever seen. Made of wood, with carved mandarin letters, it resembled an old scroll. Pretty cool.

“Okay, you said you’d be willing to order something different, right?” Jackie asked. “How adventurous do you want to be?”

Nuka wasn’t sure what to make of his grin. “Explain how this works again?”

“It’s a classic hot pot.” Jackie motioned to the square dish in front of them. It was quartered and filled with broth. Nuka had spied what looked like a stovetop burner before the waitress had placed the pot down. “There are two broths, one with chili’s and peppercorns and the other with vegetables and dates. I made sure to ask for a milder version so you aren’t burning your tongues on the peppercorns.”

Nuka looked at Chris who was the reason they couldn’t order anything too hot. The boy practically broke into a sweat when he looked at a chili pepper.

“You take your food and drop it into the broths and it cooks while you wait. I thought we could order a lot of vegetables. What about lotus root, mountain yam, chinese lettuce, potato, and mushrooms?”

Nuka nodded his agreement. “Whatever you think best.”

“We can get some beef, mutton and fish. Will you eat eel?”

Chris blanched, but the rest of them thought it would be interesting.

“You don’t have to eat it, baby,” Theo crooned.

Chris nodded gamely.

“Now, for the adventurous part. How about brain?” Jackie asked.

“No. I’m not that adventurous.” Nuka shuddered at the thought. Wasn’t there some kind of disease you could get from eating brains? Although, the zombie jokes alone would get him mileage back home.

“Okay, then will you eat penis?”

Nuka stared at the wicked look on Jackie’s face. Would he eat penis? He was pretty sure he had a million double entendre’s that would fit this particular situation.

Rob and Chris were snickering in the background, but Nuka decided to ignore them.

“Do you like it?” he asked.

Jackie blushed prettily. “It’s an acquired taste.”

“One you like?” He was pretty sure Jackie knew exactly what he was asking.

“Yes,” Jackie whispered, glancing up at Nuka through his eyelashes. “It’s one I like.”

Well, then. Nuka figured that was about reason enough to try something new. Penis, it was. He just hoped this wasn’t the last time dick would touch his lips on this trip.

Written by Jade Buchanan

Jade’s writing is as eclectic as her reading tastes, with over thirty erotic romance tales currently published. She’s also been known to accept writing challenges from friends and family just to see their reactions. She’s a firm believer that love and romance are universal concepts, no matter a person’s gender identity or sexual orientation. Originally from Northern Ontario, Jade has lived in British Columbia and the Sultanate of Oman in the Middle East. Jade currently lives in Calgary, Alberta, where she’s hard at work on her next story. Jade loves to hear from readers! Send her an email at
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"Pandamonium" by Jade Buchanan was published on September 23rd, 2012 and is listed in Jade Buchanan, Soon In eBook.

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  1. lucia wrote,

    Great excerpt! Now I’m looking forward to the new book in this series! Wow, a panda shifter :)

  2. Jade Buchanan wrote,

    Thanks! It just came to me when I was at the panda breeding centre in Chengdu. They’re super cute!

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