I was bored yesterday so decided to take apart a few pieces of jewelry that had been gathering dust in my place, and make new pieces!

My stash:


Necklace number one was originally a gold chain that had over a dozen little gold circles. I haven’t worn it in years, so decided to add large garnet chunks and keep only a few of the gold circles as accent pieces.


Necklace number two started life as a bracelet that a lovely friend of mine gave me. But, I rarely wear bracelets so I’ve turned it into a necklace by adding in the black agate stones.


My final necklace started as an old brooch that I used to wear all the time until the pin part broke. I’ve been holding on to it not sure what to do with it (I actually first thought of making it into a magnet) but I thought it might be fun as a necklace with a few pearls and smoky quartz to finish it off.




Written by Jade Buchanan

Jade’s writing is as eclectic as her reading tastes, with over thirty erotic romance tales currently published. She’s also been known to accept writing challenges from friends and family just to see their reactions. She’s a firm believer that love and romance are universal concepts, no matter a person’s gender identity or sexual orientation. Originally from Northern Ontario, Jade has lived in British Columbia and the Sultanate of Oman in the Middle East. Jade currently lives in Calgary, Alberta, where she’s hard at work on her next story. Jade loves to hear from readers! Send her an email at jade.buchanan@yahoo.com.
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"Neck Candy" by Jade Buchanan was published on August 26th, 2012 and is listed in Jade Buchanan.

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Comments on "Neck Candy": 4 Comments

  1. J.L. Langley wrote,

    Pretty! I like all of them but that third one is my fave. Very pretty!

  2. Jade Buchanan wrote,

    Thanks! Seriously, I wore that brooch all that time! I admit it was mostly to prevent me from buying new jewelry lol!

  3. Z.Allora wrote,

    Okay…. now I feel guilty for the cabinet that hides all the stones and projects begging me to be made. Sighing… but writing about pretty boys is more fun lol… though seeing your lovely creations (recreations… good name for a store) has given me a push. When I get home I am going to make several of pieces. I’m in China (Shanghai) this week and I am trying not to buy more pearls but…
    You redesigned some really lovely pieces… I loved the second one (incorporating a gift into something you will be able to utilize more is awesome). Did you show your friend yet?
    Big hugs,

  4. Jade Buchanan wrote,

    No guilt! Do you know how long it took me to get off my butt and make something LOL! And I’ll admit the main reason was because I was thisclose to paying a horrible amount of money to buy new jewelry. This was my way of getting something new without breaking the bank. Plus, I do have a ridiculous amount of loose beads, chains, etc. laying around my place.

    Thank you :) Haven’t shown my friend yet, but will definitely pass it by her. I actually just finished making a necklace for my cousin who is getting married in a few weeks, so I’ve been busy finishing up her bridal jewellery for her :) Fun!!

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