Broken Silence is going to be released this week in ebook! Not long after it will be out in print, too, so I’m very excited! In other news I’m at the When Words Collide conference this weekend in Calgary, and today I’m sitting on a panel with the talented Kelley Armstrong!! Woo!

Broken Silence

Rich Matheson has spent his entire life in Northern Ontario, and he has no intention of leaving even if it means living a lie. But, after he meets the new nurse in town Rich gets a taste of what he’s been missing.

When Matthew Clark came north to care for his ailing Great-Aunt he figured he could kiss his love life goodbye. Life suddenly becomes a lot more interesting when he meets Rich, but can he have a long-term relationship with a man buried in the closet?

Rich is terrified of breaking his silence, but he’ll need to decide if loving Matthew is worth the risk.


“Hey, Big Dick! I’m about to eat the table I’m so hungry. Where’s my nachos?”


Matthew turned at the loud bellow from the table beside him. He recognized the men, but hadn’t met them personally. Jeff Dube was the one who had yelled and the other two were Marcus Blunt and Etienne Marcel. The only reason Matthew knew who they were was because of who they were friends with.

Swiveling around to look at the recipient of the bellow, Matthew sighed in longing.


Right there at the bar was the reason he loved coming here. Rich Matheson was sure nice to look at, with a combination of thick black hair, chiseled cheekbones and eyes that looked black at first until you got close enough to see the hint of blue. It was obvious his nose had been broken a time or two but it just served to take him from merely pretty to downright sinful.


He cursed himself every time he mooned over the man, but he couldn’t seem to help it. Hell, even the way Rich moved was poetry. He sauntered around the bar now, carrying a plate of nachos piled high. Matt wanted to yell at him to rest since he knew for a fact Rich had been in the hospital not that long ago.


Stupid idiot. Rich had walked out into traffic two months ago while completely drunk and only the fact that the driver hadn’t been going that fast had allowed Rich to twist out of the way enough that he wasn’t hit directly. Unfortunately for him, he’d fractured his fibula and gotten one hell of a concussion. Luckily, he’d been in excellent shape, and as much as Matthew would like to say differently, Rich’d actually followed doctor’s orders exactly and progressed through his healing with flying colours.


Matthew had been on shift the night Rich had come in and it hadn’t been a pretty sight. The quick lurch in his stomach when he’d realized who it was had stunned him. Where the hell had it come from? Even now, he was still trying to figure it out. His moment of panic hadn’t made a lick of sense. Rich wasn’t anything to him. And he definitely wasn’t anything to Rich.


It didn’t stop him from fantasizing, though.


What would it feel like to come in here after a hard day at the hospital and have Rich aim that quicksilver grin at him? To be welcomed with a hug and a heated kiss, regardless of anyone else in the room? He wished he had the right to brush back the lock of wavy hair that seemed to perpetually fall forward over Rich’s forehead. Or caress that ripped body, feeling up muscles developed over years of playing sports and keeping in shape. Matthew didn’t have to stretch his imagination much to come up with that picture, since Rich had spent most of the summer wearing tight tees and cargo shorts that showed off his powerhouse calves.


Oh, he had such a weakness for toned, muscular legs.


“Here’s your fucking nachos. Now, stop yelling at me, asshole.” Rich dropped the plate on the table before bracing one hip against the edge.


“Hey, that’s not what you called Doobie when he gave you a reach-around last night.”


“Jackass.” Rich reached out and swatted Marcus on the back of the head. “You know how I know you’re gay? Cause your face smells like ball sweat.”


And that, right there, was why Matthew hated coming here.


Written by Jade Buchanan

Jade’s writing is as eclectic as her reading tastes, with over thirty erotic romance tales currently published. She’s also been known to accept writing challenges from friends and family just to see their reactions. She’s a firm believer that love and romance are universal concepts, no matter a person’s gender identity or sexual orientation. Originally from Northern Ontario, Jade has lived in British Columbia and the Sultanate of Oman in the Middle East. Jade currently lives in Calgary, Alberta, where she’s hard at work on her next story. Jade loves to hear from readers! Send her an email at
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"Broken Silence!" by Jade Buchanan was published on August 12th, 2012 and is listed in Jade Buchanan, Soon In eBook, Soon In Print.

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  1. Z.Allora wrote,

    Can’t wait to kindle it… it is it out yet?
    hugs, z.

  2. Jade Buchanan wrote,

    I think we still have three days!! Soon! Soon!

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