I’m addicted to cherry coke. I know, it’s a weird thing to be addicted to, but there you have it. My biggest problem? You can’t buy it in my neck of the woods. I’m not sure if the entire country has a cherry coke ban, or if it’s just Alberta, but it makes me sad. Although, you should see our trunk when we visit Great Falls and come back with a car full of items you can’t buy in Canada! It makes the critique partners laugh when I tell them about my annual shopping trip to Montana ;)

So, why am I telling you guys? Because I was out shopping yesterday and discovered cherry coke tea!! OMG, it’s good stuff. I mean, it’s no cherry coke, but it’s good stuff. It smells so good, and it tastes wonderful, too. I even drank it in my handy dandy loose tea mug I purchased in this tiny stall in a market in Shanghai. Here’s a pic. Cool, eh?

I don’t know what it says, though, so here’s hoping it’s not some dirty phrase (as something else I bought turned out to be… I’ve never heard my Chinese guide laugh so much before blushing as he had to translate it to me…)

And, yes. That’s about all I have for you guys today. I know, I’m a fascinating blogger. I enthral myself ;)


What about you guys? Any addictions you’d like to share?

Written by Jade Buchanan

Jade’s writing is as eclectic as her reading tastes, with over thirty erotic romance tales currently published. She’s also been known to accept writing challenges from friends and family just to see their reactions. She’s a firm believer that love and romance are universal concepts, no matter a person’s gender identity or sexual orientation. Originally from Northern Ontario, Jade has lived in British Columbia and the Sultanate of Oman in the Middle East. Jade currently lives in Calgary, Alberta, where she’s hard at work on her next story. Jade loves to hear from readers! Send her an email at jade.buchanan@yahoo.com.
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"Cherry Coke" by Jade Buchanan was published on August 5th, 2012 and is listed in Jade Buchanan.

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