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I meant to write up this post last week, but got WAY too busy and forgot. Oops. Sorry! But I’m back this week. Yay *g*
My family and I had our annual Beach Week the first week of July, and it was lots of fun as usual. Awesome things usually happen, so I’ve whittled the “awesome” list down to the top five and am sharing it with you here. You’re welcome :D

So here, in no particular order, are my 5 favorite things that happened during Beach Week:

1. The lady who wasn’t dead after all.
Allow me to explain. We have a timeshare in a condo and we go to the beach the same week every year, which means we see a lot of the same people every year. One lady I always see looks to be in her 70s, in very good shape. She walks on the beach a lot, several times a day. She always wears a bikini. She’s obviously quite healthy and in better shape than many people half her age. Well, the first couple of days we were down there this year, I didn’t see her. I was worried sick that something had happened. It made me really sad. Then by golly, she and her hubby showed up the next day. Whew, relief! That was sort of a highlight of my week :)

2. Seagulls vs Crows Cheeto battle.
Maybe it’s a side effect of having spent so much time at the beach growing up, but I don’t much like seagulls. They’re the pigeons of the beach. And WTF are crows doing hanging out on the beach anyhow? But I tell you something, when people throw Cheetos on the beach, it starts a regular bird war between these two factions, and it is hilarious. The funniest thing ever, though, was the crow trying and failing to fly off with an apple core, then sitting there trying to eat as much of it as he could before the people came back. LOL.

3. Inexplicable “This Way” arrows.
In which parties unknown have painted arrows on the bike paths, pointing either toward the road or the ditch between the path and road, depending on how you look at it. The thing is, we’ve been riding the bike paths for years and the arrows have NEVER been there before. The other thing is, the arrows appear to lead from either direction toward a couple of particular points in the road/ditch/whatever. The girl-child and I figure there must be a portal which transports victims to a cell or dungeon or something. It’s the only possible explanation.

4. Random banjo player.
I was heading down to the beach one day to see where the tide was and how much beach we had to work with, and I heard this banjo music coming from somewhere. It was nice. I figured someone was playing banjo music really loud on their iPod or something. Outside on their balcony. With really good speakers. Whatever. When I came back a few minutes later, I saw that it was, in fact, a guy up on the fifth floor, playing an actual banjo. Which was incredibly cool. I never see people just sitting on their balconies playing banjos.

5. Lightning sparkles.
No, that’s not some new ultra-light pop band, or a teenage girl’s blog. It’s a thing that HAPPENED. We had a violent, absolutely spectacular storm one night. Lots of lightning. As in, barely a second went by without a strike or three. Mostly back and forth in the clouds, but several strikes hit fairly close by on the water. My daughter and I were standing out on the balcony watching. Imagine our shock when after one of the close strikes, the air in front of our balcony sparkled. It was like the raindrops had tiny, bright lights inside them, just for a split second. It happened several more times after that. Still, I might’ve thought I was imagining things if my daughter (and the people upstairs from us) hadn’t seen it at the same time, every time. It was a little scary, very weird, and just wonderful. I’m going to use it in a book one day :D

There you go. My delayed beach story. As always, hearing your favorite things would be awesome!

Written by Ally Blue

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"These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things" by Ally Blue was published on July 17th, 2012 and is listed in Ally Blue.

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Comments on "These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things": 2 Comments

  1. Tam wrote,

    Killer whales. We went whale watching on the last day of our vacation in Vancouver and I said to my daughter I could die happy if I could see a killer whale breach. See me smiling in my coffin? I nearly peed my pants when it did it. Then when one rolled on it’s back and flipped it’s tail a couple of times in the water, and when one came out of the water and straight towards our little boat. Ahhhh. My life is complete. Killer whales are my favourite marine mammal, well, maybe after Flipper, but it’s close.

    Have fun at the beach.

  2. Ally Blue wrote,

    OMG how coooool is that??? Wow. I’d love to see that too. Dolphins, I’ve seen, but I doubt I’ll ever get a chance to see a killer whale :D

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