Thank you so much to Fiction with Friction for having me back. I love visiting! This week I’m celebrating the release of my new book, Beach Balls.

If you’ve joined in on any of my blog tours, you know I occasionally write about how to create sizzling sex scenes. I talk about how sex scenes are individual to the book and character. How they must reveal character and/or forward the plot. If they don’t do that they are gratuitous and your readers may skim them or skip over them entirely. Okay, with that said, it’s fun to add a little spice to a sex scene by placing it in a different setting than the standard bedroom. And, maybe that setting will likewise reveal character or forward the plot.

For example, in my very first book, Genetic Attraction, my three lovers have sex in a car. Not that unusual, except the scene started with one hero driving and the other hero and the heroine getting very busy in the back seat. The driver can’t stand it and pulls over so he can join in. The heroine hopes they aren’t parked beside the expressway! This scene is fun and spicy but it also shows the urgency and passion of the character’s love — they can’t wait to get home. Plus, one of the heroes is feeling threatened by a potential rival and wants to “make his mark” with the heroine.

In Volley Balls, I wanted a light playful, sexy scene that would balance some of the darker and more ominous input. So, my hero, David, is in his art gallery on a slow, foggy day with few visitors. His lover, Gareth, is looking at some of the artifacts including a book of Japanese Shunga paintings. The big penised men in delightfully erotic positions are turning him on so he kneels behind the counter and gives David oral sex while tourists are passing the window and one friend sticks her head in. It is a break to giggle even though we soon discover that both of them are being watched ominously.

Really fun is a scene in my brand new release, Beach Balls. Just as its name implies, much of the story takes place in and around the water. My hero, Adam, knows that his lover, Sky, will be doing underwater research and he goes to the site in his tanks and manages to give Sky oral sex while holding his breath. This is probably harder in real life than it is in the book, but it’s a wonderful reconciliation scene in which my hero completely shows his willingness to go to his lover’s environment. They follow this little interlude, with sex in a small boat which helps suggest the urgency of their need to reconnect!

Setting can reveal a lot about the inner workings of plot and character. And especially for a sizzling love scene. My brand new book coming July 24th, Genetic Celebrity, has a sub-text of gourmet cooking. Guess where they have sex?  LOL

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And here is an Adult excerpt from Beach Balls –

Excerpt R: Beach Balls by Tara Lain; MM Contemporary

Available  from AmazonARe


Adam James is so far in the closet he could find Narnia. But coming out would threaten all he’s built as the lead attorney for WMA Development, and the million dollars he can get when he finishes pushing  a big land remediation project through the City Council. Then on an early morning scuba dive, Adam meets a tall, lean rebreather diver named Sky who makes him want to live a different life. But Adam’s dreams are shattered when he walks into the council meeting and finds the fire-breathing environmentalist who’s screwing up  his chances of winning is none other than that same beautiful man. Sky Sea Mickeljohn doesn’t compromise, so how could he find himself lusting after a damned developer? And what happens when somebody open’s Adam’s closet door? These two better start telling the truth if they’re ever going to find world peace.


Sky sank down on the sand beside the biggest rock. He scooted to the far side, which would make him invisible to anyone down the beach by the restaurant. He patted the sand beside him.

Adam sat, and Sky put an arm around him, pulling him close. Man, this was new territory. Adam took a deep breath.

“Is this uncomfortable for you?”

“No, just different.”

“Because you don’t go with guys in public?”

“Yeah. And when I am with them I usually top, so I take the lead.”

“Oh, sorry.” Sky started to withdraw.

Adam grabbed his hand. “No I wasn’t complaining. Just explaining.”

Sky tightened his arm. “You like this?”

“Yeah. I do.” Adam wasn’t lying. The man was angel-faced and almost girlie with his halo of curls, but he sure knew how to be a man.


The roar of the ocean and yammering of the seagulls almost overpowered the sound of his heart in his ears. This was so d nice. Adam pressed closer and fit his head into the hollow below Sky’s collarbone. It was odd feeling…almost cared for.. That wasn’t a feeling he ever got. No one took care of Adam but Adam. Still, Sky felt good–warm and even a little safe, which was bizarre since he was threatening Adam’s carefully manufactured identity.

Sky palmed Adam’s cheek then coaxed his face up. Adam looked into the  blue eyes as Sky’s lips gently touched his. He nuzzled, then nipped, followed by a broad tongue lick full on the mouth. Adam laughed but he had to admit it sounded a lot like a giggle. He buried a hand in Sky’s curls and pulled his head tight, tasting minty toothpaste and pure goodness.

Adam twisted so they faced each other and wrapped his other arm tightly around Sky’s waist, pulling him close. Sky’s tongue was deep and marauding, hot and wet. Adam’s cock sprang to attention like a marine on parade. Years seem to have passed since they’d last fucked. Sky was a heady drug, and Adam was rapidly becoming an addict.

Sky’s tongue pressed deep inside. Somebody moaned, Adam wasn’t sure who, but he wanted more. He rose up on his knees and threw one leg across Sky’s lap, settled his butt, and leaned forward so their cocks pressed hard. Sweet Jesus, that felt good. He rode against Sky’s cock, and every thrust sent fire shooting through his balls.

Sky threw his head back. “Holy crap.”

What was he doing? Adam looked over his shoulder. No one was coming. Still, he should stop. But he couldn’t make his hips quit grinding against Sky’s cock.

Sky’s arms came around him. “You didn’t tell me you got rich doing lap dances, buddy.” His breath came so hard he could barely talk, and his hips pushed up rhythmically.. “Hell, I’d pay a million bucks for you.”

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"You Had Sex Where? – Tara Lain" by fictionwithfriction was published on June 7th, 2012 and is listed in Guests.

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  1. Sherry S. wrote,

    I loved the scene in Volley Balls it was one of the best. Great post and excerpt.
    sstrode at scrtc dot com

  2. Tara Lain wrote,

    Thank you, Sherry! I’m so glad you enjoyed it. : )

  3. caitymack wrote,

    I love both those scenes, Tara. They stick with you long past finishing the story, and fit perfectly with the characters.

    caity_mack at yahoo dot com

  4. fierydrgn wrote,

    I enjoy both book very much look forward to beach balls.

  5. Tara Lain wrote,

    Hi Cathy and Moochie– Thank you so much for coming by! : )

  6. mer wrote,

    One of my favorites is the scene in the art studio…

    Off topic: I enjoyed Sinders and Ash. Thought it was a lot of fun. I love it when an author can take a fairy tale and twist it without breaking it!

    Looking forward to reading Beach Balls!

    merrydl at yahoo dot com

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