I bought this stick online. And my sister, CDAY (yes, it’s her initials but also a nickname pronounced See Day), bought bulbs from my nephew’s school fundraiser. I planted my stick and she planted her bulbs. CDAY thought I was nuts for planting a stick. I named my “stick” Palmer because I thought Palmer went nice with plumeria since Palmer is a plumeria plant. Now CDAY gets “Palmer Updates” via text message. So allow me to introduce ya’ll to Palmer.

Here is Palmer when I first got him. I believe CDAY said something like: Yep it’s a stick.

This is Palmer a month later. CDAY texted back: I still have a pot of dirt :(

Palmer at one month and 10 days. If I remember correctly CDAY’s response was along the lines of: Palmer sucks! I still have dirt.

And this is Palmer last night to which CDAY responded: I’m gonna drop kick Palmer! Idk why I can only grow dirt :’(

Written by JL Langley

JL is a full-time writer, with over ten novels to her credit. Among her hobbies she includes reading, practicing her marksmanship (she happens to be a great shot), gardening, working out (although she despises cardio), searching for the perfect chocolate dessert (so far as she can tell ALL chocolate is perfect, but it requires more research)
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"The Palmer Update" by J.L. Langley was published on June 1st, 2012 and is listed in Uncategorized.

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Comments on "The Palmer Update": 2 Comments

  1. blade wrote,

    Are you sure that’s not Charlie Brown’s Christmas tree?

  2. Z.Allora wrote,

    very nice! i now have a backyard and i am freaking out about wth to do with it!!! lol maybe i should get some of palmer’s friends….
    just finished re reading My Fair Captain (for the umpteenth time)… i needed some calm comfort sooo thank you!
    hugs, z.

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