When I was out running this morning, I was thinking about nerds. Or geeks. I dunno, I’m not sure what the difference is, or if it matters. The point is, I was thinking about the cute, smart, sexy nerds/geeks/whatever you want to call them. The guys we love as much for their incredibly quick minds and enthusiasm for The Walking Dead as for their dazzling smiles or nicely honed bodies. I’ve always had a thing for Hot Nerds. I even married one *g* So seeing the growing popularity of the Hot Nerd in recent years has made me a very happy Ally :)
For your reading pleasure in today’s blog — and your viewing pleasure, since I’m providing linkage — here are my top 5 Hot Nerds. Other than my hubby, who I am NOT SHARING, so forget it.

5. Justin Timberlake. Yeah, that’s right. Anyone not think he’s a dork? Clink the link and revel in memories of SNL’s Dick In A Box. Then there’s the Single Ladies thing. And the one where he dressed up as a beer bottle. Or a hot dog. Or various other dancing products. Only a Hot Nerd would do such things, and by golly, Justin Timberlake is a Hot Nerd :D

4. Nathan Fillion, the man who gave us Captain Tightpants and Captain Hammer. **swoon** I don’t know about anyone else, but I love a man who can go from playing kick-ass Cap’n Mal to a guy with black rubber gloves and a hammer T-shirt and make both of them look equally fun.

3. Neil Patrick Harris. Do I even need to explain this? I mean, seriously. He sings. He dances. He tweets pictures of fancy-pants food when he and his man go out to expensive restaurants. He’s hosted the Tony awards. There was that awesome cameo in Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle. And, oh yeah, a tiny little thing called DR. HORRIBLE’S SINGALONG BLOG! Nerd-vana!

2. Wil Wheaton. I know everyone remembers Wesley Crusher from Star Trek: The Next Generation. But Wil Wheaton’s grown up to be an honest to FSM Hot Nerd. He’s one of those cute guys who knows everything there is to know about all the cool stuff like superheros, zombies and how the universe works. Follow his Tumblr to share in his wit and wisdom :D

And my number one Hot Nerd is…

**drum roll**

1. Chris Hardwick! King of the Hot Nerds. There are two main reasons for this: The Nerdist (podcast-slash-TV-show), and Talking Dead (on TV). Mostly Talking Dead, I have to admit, since I’m a HUGE fan of The Walking Dead and Chris Hardwick’s talk show is a fan’s paradise. He has guests on discussing the show, going in-depth on the characterization, what certain things mean (or don’t mean), what might or might not happen next, and he has previews of the next episode too. Awesome!!! And he himself counts as the Hottest of Hot Nerds because of his unabashed enthusiasm not only for The Walking Dead, but for all sorts of other nerd staples like Star Trek and Dr. Who. He’s just as huge a fan as any other custumed geek out there, which is what his fans like most about him :)

So what about it, y’all? What Hot Nerds do you love?

Written by Ally Blue

Ally is a rich and famous author of hot gay manlove. She travels the world in her private jet, being waited on hand and foot by her team of pretty young men who bring her umbrella drinks and make out for her pleasure . . . Okay, so that's her dream life. Her novels of Manlove & Angst are mostly written in her living room, in between working at the Evil Day Job and doing Mom Stuff. Oh, the glamorous life of an author!
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"Revenge of the Nerds" by Ally Blue was published on May 29th, 2012 and is listed in Ally Blue.

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Comments on "Revenge of the Nerds": 3 Comments

  1. DocLady wrote,

    I’ve also always been partial to nerds! Goodness knows I married one :) My list has some repeats and some new ones

    Chris Hardwick- Been a fan ever since I stumbled upon his podcast a few years back. Since then I’ve seen him twice whenever he came to Atlanta.

    Nathan Fillion- Yes. Just yes.

    John Barrowman- Such a goofball and admittedely collects superhero memorabilia, Whovian and geek. Plus he could sing to me FOREVER

    Chris Colfer- A self admitted nerd/geek and just a cutie in all ways

    Darren Criss- Comic geek, movie nut, theatre freak and can we talk about the eyes?!?

  2. Z.Allora wrote,

    I have a great love for nerds. They have all that pent up energy just waiting to be redirected. Since they are into sci-fi and other interesting things the sex is usually kinkier. (Yes, it does all come down to sex with me…). More people should appreciate them… they would be glad they did!

    Good list. I have only seen Nathan Fillion in Firefly so he was a sexy captain who desperately needed to be slashed (>>>> awesome show!!!)

    Hugs, Z.

  3. Ally Blue wrote,

    DocLady, OMG my daughter is a HUGE fan of Darren Criss! She even got me into A Very Potter Musical LOL. It’s hilarious! And I totally agree on Chris Colfer and John Barrowman too. Especially John Barrowman who is sex on legs, rawr!

    Z, you HAVE to see Dr. Horrible! It’s the coolest thing ever in the history of cool things! It’s funny, clever, sweet and a bit tragic. Neil Patrick Harris is in it also in the title role, and Nathan Fillion is absolutely hysterical as Captain Hammer. And if you get the DVD, the commentary is it’s own separate musical! It’s AWESOME.
    See, there’s me being a ginormous Dr. Horrible nerd :B

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