Broken Rules by Jade Buchanan

Ten years ago, Jonah Chevalier was kicked out of his home for being gay. In a bid to escape his pain, Jonah moved halfway across the country to start over. Now, his mother’s death brings him home where he will discover a shared passion with his childhood best friend. 

Neil Brogan returns home hoping to reconnect with Jonah and ends up with more than he ever thought possible. They live on opposite sides of the country but the distance between them may be more than mere miles. Neil hopes to convince Jonah that some rules are made to be broken.



“I can’t wait any longer.”


Jonah glanced up in surprise, cock in hand, confused when Neil entered the men’s room and locked the door behind him. “Neil?”

“I’ve been thinking about you all night.” Neil licked his lips, his gaze wondering down Jonah’s torso, lingering on his hand and what he held.

Swallowing hard, Jonah backed away from the urinal. “Neil?” he asked again.

Nostrils flaring, Neil strode forward, causing Jonah to back up until he slammed into the wall behind him. Neil grinned, not stopping until he was pressed flush to Jonah’s body. Groaning at the feel of Neil so close to him, Jonah grasped the other man’s waist. He arched his hips, sliding his thickening shaft along warm denim.

“Mmm, this is what I wanted, from the moment I saw you in Tim’s.” Neil slid rough hands down Jonah’s sides, pressing in with each gliding caress. “Fuck, Jonah, this is what I needed.”

“Oh, Tabarnac…”

Neil rolled his hips, pushing into Jonah, his clothed body rubbing against him, driving Jonah wild. Whimpering, Jonah closed his eyes. Neil was so warm, so hard, he was a dream come true. How did Jonah get so lucky?

Neil’s scent filled his lungs, the smell bringing with it memories of their time together. Sleepovers when they were younger, locker rooms, showers after hockey practice. The feel of Neil’s arms the first time they embraced.

Lifting a leg, Jonah wrapped it around Neil’s thigh, desperate to get more pressure on his dick. He knew he was panting loudly, didn’t give a damn how many people heard them outside. The drone of voices was audible even inside the cocoon of the men’s room. It served to ratchet up the tension, make him even more desperate to have Neil take him. Right here. Right inside Rich’s bar, his friends and family outside.

As if he knew exactly what Jonah was thinking, Neil angled his head, taking Jonah’s lips with his next breath. Jonah slid his hands under Neil’s shirt, touching bare skin, molding his fingers along the angles and dips of Neil’s stomach.

Neil’s tongue thrust between Jonah’s lips, tasting of the beer he’d consumed but there was an underlying flavor that was all Neil. Jonah’s head tilted back, coming to rest against the bathroom wall. Neil pressed closer, as if he was unwilling to let even a millimeter of air to come between them.

He wasn’t complaining. In fact, if he had his way there would be nothing between them. He needed to take his clothes off. He needed to feel Neil skin to skin.

Neil tossed his head back with a gasp, his gaze intent and heated. Rough hands turned Jonah suddenly, slamming his chest into the wall. Jonah grunted, shivering when Neil pulled up his shirt. The material dragged up his skin, causing a burning friction along sensitive nerves. Neil wouldn’t let him back up, wouldn’t let him move at all. His shirt was pulled over his head, the material caught behind his neck, effectively locking him in place when Neil fisted his hand in the material and kept hold of it. Warm breath ghosted over his jaw, down his neck. He shivered again, goosebumps rising on his flesh. Gasping, Jonah pressed his chest against the cold wall, rubbing his dick against grout and tile.

“You want more?”

“Please, s’il vous plait… baisez-moi, Neil… fuck me…”

“Not yet.”


Written by Jade Buchanan

Jade’s writing is as eclectic as her reading tastes, with over thirty erotic romance tales currently published. She’s also been known to accept writing challenges from friends and family just to see their reactions. She’s a firm believer that love and romance are universal concepts, no matter a person’s gender identity or sexual orientation. Originally from Northern Ontario, Jade has lived in British Columbia and the Sultanate of Oman in the Middle East. Jade currently lives in Calgary, Alberta, where she’s hard at work on her next story. Jade loves to hear from readers! Send her an email at
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"Excerpt: Broken Rules" by Jade Buchanan was published on May 20th, 2012 and is listed in Jade Buchanan, Now In eBook, Now In Print.

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