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Today was Voting Day in North Carolina, where I live. We had the presidential primaries, of course. Local issues. Gubernatorial primaries. Other assorted offices. The big issue, though, was Amendment One.

For anyone not aware, Amendment One, in a nutshell, is a proposed state constitutional amendment that would ban recognition in this state of any union other than that between one man and one woman. That would include not only marriage, but also civil union. The way it’s written, it would also erase any domestic partner benefits already provided by businesses, cities, etc. Most experts believe it would drive away a lot of potential business from the state for that reason. That’s entirely aside from the harms to people not targeted by the hatemongers, such as unmarried victims of domestic violence, who risk having their orders of protection stripped from them.

I voted NO on Amendment One, or the Hate Amendment as I call it. So far, the haters are winning. Which just makes me furious. I keep hoping a big bunch of NO votes will come in at the last minute and I can take a little bit of pride in my state instead of being ashamed.

I don’t know what’s going to happen in America in the coming years. I’m honestly afraid of what may come if we let the far right take over the way they’re trying to. I see militant Christians doing everything they can to snatch freedoms from everyone who isn’t a straight, white, rich, Christian man, and it makes me sick to my stomach. Especially when they will, like they likely will today (the vote’s offically already been conceded, though all precincts haven’t reported yet). People who believe in real freedom, not just freedom for straight white rich christian men, have to keep fighting. Let’s not give up, y’all.

Sigh. I’ll be less depressing next time, when maybe there’s something to be less depressing about. BTW, the cartoon is by my hubby, who agrees with me on this issue.

Written by Ally Blue

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  1. Jade Buchanan wrote,

    Love the cartoon! Your hubby is talented! I gotta tell you, this vote has me depressed. I don’t understand how anyone can support something that takes a right away. It makes me so happy that I live in a country where my gay self can get married whenever I want to. Yay Canada! At the same time I’m sad for everyone in the States (or any other country) who don’t have that same right. I hope that one day people look back on this as something to be ashamed of, and I hope that one day everyone is able to fall in love, and proclaim that love, equally. My little pipe dream, but I’m holding on to my rose coloured glasses in this case.

  2. Z.Allora wrote,

    I have to believe love will be legalized.
    My anger at the inequality is causing me to become more of an activist… I hope people use their frustration to help make positive changes: to vote, to join groups, to write your congress people, to become more vocal about our beliefs in equality for all… to keep an eye out for women’s rights which seem to be under attack as well. We need to stand up & not shut up. Wear supportive pins, tshirts and talk to people. The unknown is scary… we need to make it known.
    As freaking crazy as South Carolina is making me, I have had several discussions with people on gay rights and why I am a firm supporter. I don’t expect I changed anybody’s mind but I made them think and question and right now that is my goal.
    Gay Rights are Human Rights… which side of history do you stand on? It seems self evident to us… (cause only a FUCKING idiot would disagree…) Things are changing we just need to keep pushing for them to change in the right direction!!!

  3. Z.Allora wrote,

    I just went to my email and found a message from PFLAG in my area (I reached out and I am in the process of joining)… a local rev. of a United Methodist Church is leading her congregation into being open and affirming… we were asked to say thank you… I immediately did…

    I guess while we all feel kicked in the teeth by what happened (even though we knew it would happen) there are pockets of hope. This woman is helping to change a message kids in Greenville SC can hear (if they chose). While I am not of this religion the fact that some religious places are opening their minds to support people is wonderful.

    We are pockets of light… so let’s do everything we can to make things the way they should be…


  4. Ally Blue wrote,

    Jade, I’d totally move to Canada if it wasn’t so COLD up there. Not sure I could deal with snow in the summer O_O I think you’re right, though. One day, all these horrid, unconstitutional laws taking people’s rights away will be overturned, and the subsequent generations will laugh at how stupid and short-sighted people were “back then”. I hope I live to see it.

    The cartoon’s great, isn’t it? Thank you :D

  5. Ally Blue wrote,

    Z, you’re totally right, anger at all the fuckwittery is pushing a LOT of people into activism. I’ve become more active lately too, in my “real” life. And PFLAG is a wonderful organization. It’s great to know that churches are becoming involved in the fight for equality as well! I feel like they have a huge responsibility to do that, seeing as how religion is a tremendous part of the problem. Well, actually, organized religion IS the problem, so it’s wonderful that some of the churches are stepping up to the plate and trying to help fix it.

    Pockets of light. I like that :)

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