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  • by Jet Mykles

    A ridiculous piece of after Christmas fluff. Very little editing has gone into this so do be kind to the poor, distracted writer.
    NOT SAFE FOR WORK! Sex ensues.
    Merry Holidays to All! And may 2012 be glorious and fruitful wherever you need  it to be.
    ©2011 Jet Mykles, all rights reserved
    Chestnuts roasting on an open fire.
    Jack [...]

  • by J.L. Langley

    I’ve known since My Fair Captain that Nate’s dad and the Marques of Oxley were lovers, so it’s about time they had their turn. I’m hoping to add to this for future ficlits :) I hope you enjoy it.

    Jared’s Surprise by J.L. Langley
    ©Copyright 2011, All Rights Reserved.
    What a night. The door opened and cool [...]

  • by Ally Blue

    Okay, my turn! It’s been a looooong day, folks, but I’m finally here to post my contribution to the blog’s Holiday Magic week :) The title (which I totally thought up right this minute) is “Playtime” and it stars Adrian and Greg from Love, Like Ghosts, mostly because they’ve been on my mind lately since [...]

  • by Jade Buchanan

    Merry Christmas, from my family to yours! May you all have a wonderful holiday, and an even better 2012.

    Holiday Shine by Jade Buchanan
    Copyright 2011, All Rights Reserved.
    Manny tossed his head back, laughing uproariously at his friend. The bugger hadn’t been able to touch the puck all night but he was still sitting here trying to [...]

  • by James Buchanan

    Not my Holiday story for next week, but an older spicy bit to savor:
    © 2007 James Buchanan
    “What are you doing?”  An irritated, but cultured voice sounded behind Les.  Backing it, the boisterous cheer of a holiday party cut the night.  Part Christmas, part end of exams, and part wrap party for the local university’s [...]

  • by Ally Blue

    Okay, so I had a REALLY looong day at work, followed by a fun (but also kind of long) Christmas party for the local indie paper (because my talented hubby does a weekly cartoon for them). Which means I got home late, then spent a while shoveling out my inbox and visiting with [...]

  • by fictionwithfriction

    Join us for a week of ficlets and excerpts during the week between Christmas and New Years.
    Happy Holidays from Fiction with Friction!

  • by Jade Buchanan

    I’ve talked about it a few times in the past, but I’d like to formally announce my plans to re-publish Black Wolf and Duck Fart in expanded and revised versions in early 2012. They will be part of my new Wolf Creek Bar and Grill series, set in Campbell River on Vancouver Island, Canada.
    I’m also tickled [...]

  • by Jet Mykles

    Jet: Why must they always be like you?
    Brent: (confused, looks up from where he sits playing guitar) What?
    Jet: (crosses her arms and glares at him) Why must he be like you?
    Brent: You’re going to have to be more specific.
    Jet: (gestures at Danny, who stands off a ways, staring into space) Him. I’m trying to write [...]

  • by Kimberly Gardner

    First, I want to thank you guys for giving me the opportunity to guest blog. I feel like I was invited to sit with the cool kids at lunch.
    My name is Z. Allora. I have lived in China (Suzhou) for the last 5.5 years. I have been lucky enough to see and experience a [...]

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