I’m in the process of re-doing my website and I haven’t felt this tech stupid in quite awhile. Poor Jet has been trying to talk me through it but if you hear a scream of frustration coming from her neck of the woods it might be my fault LOL! Anyway, hopefully I’ll have something soon, but we’ll see.

In other news I’m working diligently on the rewrites for Black Wolf and Duck Fart. I’m pretty excited about them and I’m really excited about the new covers! Can’t wait to share them with you guys!!

In other other news, I’m featured at The Romance Studio right now! Come check it out if you want to learn how my mind works and get a little insider info about my latest release, Hard Candy!


Written by Jade Buchanan

Jade’s writing is as eclectic as her reading tastes, with over thirty erotic romance tales currently published. She’s also been known to accept writing challenges from friends and family just to see their reactions. She’s a firm believer that love and romance are universal concepts, no matter a person’s gender identity or sexual orientation. Originally from Northern Ontario, Jade has lived in British Columbia and the Sultanate of Oman in the Middle East. Jade currently lives in Calgary, Alberta, where she’s hard at work on her next story. Jade loves to hear from readers! Send her an email at jade.buchanan@yahoo.com.
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"Tech Stupid, Re-Writes and an Interview" by Jade Buchanan was published on November 6th, 2011 and is listed in Jade Buchanan, Now In eBook.

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Comments on "Tech Stupid, Re-Writes and an Interview": 2 Comments

  1. Z.Allora wrote,

    Congrats! Congrats!
    Hugs for your accomplishments (by the way just attempting a website let alone re-vamping it deserves cheers and applause!!!)

  2. Jade Buchanan wrote,

    Thanks!! Very much appreciated :) And I have it working now, so I should be able to debut my new website soon!!

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