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  • by Kimberly Gardner

    As promised, here is a little taste of my soon-to-be-released novel, Slave Master’s Choice. The book will be available in November from Loose-ID. Enjoy!
    Enslaved in a hostile kingdom, the sexual plaything of an enemy king, a beautiful slaveboy soon discovers captivity is more liberating than freedom.
    Enslaved! When Alejandro finds himself captured and taken into slavery [...]

  • by J.L. Langley

    Quick post today. I’ve had to run errands all day today. YUCK! Things are still going great with MRR. I’m up to 30K on it now. Woo hoo! I’m hoping to post a short for ya’ll in the upcoming weeks, if I can find time to go back through it. I haven’t been able to [...]

  • by Ally Blue

    Yesterday, I was banging away on a quite dramatic family scene in Graceland. I wasn’t exactly sure how it was going to go, but I thought I had a fairly good idea.
    Apparently not. One of the characters involved threw me a curveball. I totally did NOT see it coming. Yes, I am aware that the [...]

  • by Kimberly Gardner

    I hardly ever blog here and I feel like I need to do better, so this is me trying to be a better blogger. Let’s see how long it lasts. Lol!
    Right now I’m working on my holiday story for MLR called Drag And Drop that is due to release on New Years Eve. It’s a [...]

  • by Jade Buchanan

    I’m in the process of rewriting a few of my stories. Five of my books that were previously published are going to be re-released by yours truly on Amazon and Smashwords but I figured now that I have the rights back on them it gives me the chance to see if there are any changes [...]

  • by Jet Mykles

    I get to these blog days and don’t always feel like I have something exciting to say. Today’s one of those. I’m still working on Leashed 4. Starting to consider details for Indigo Knights 2.
    And that’s about it.

  • by J.L. Langley

    To celebrate the new contract and because the writing is flowing very well at the moment I thought I’d celebrate by introducing ya’ll to a new character I’m growing rather fond of.
    Excerpt from
    My Regelence Rake
    by JL Langley
    “Your grace, should you be doing that?”
    “Kissing my neck like that? That’s not at all proper.” Bernard [...]

  • by Laura Baumbach

    Last June my oldest son, not yet 21 at that time, informed me his then current girlfriend was going to enlist in the service and they would be moving to West Virgina come November. At first I applauded their plan to head off into the world and make their own life, a fresh start of [...]

  • by Ally Blue

    Okay, not really. Those last few pounds hang on like a bitch.
    And there’s no world peace either. Sorry!
    Actually this is just a writing update. I just like catchy titles :)
    So, what am I up to these days, writing-wise? At the moment I’m in the midst of writing Graceland. As per usual with me [...]

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