I’ve been doing a lot of something that I hadn’t been doing. Reading. There once was a time that you couldn’t find me without a book in hand or in my purse. I was what you’d call a voracious reader. I’d read between classes. Heck, I’d read in class. I so much preferred the world to be found in books over the boring one I was living. To those who knew me, it’s not remotely surprising that I’ve become a writer.

But the amount of my reading took a toll in recent years. To the point that I barely ever cracked open a book. Even ebooks. I have a bunch but I can’t say I’ve read them all. Which is a travesty really, since most ebooks aren’t really all that long. But I guess coming up with my own stories took over the creative centers of my mind and there wasn’t room for more input.

Well, I’ve been having a dry spell lately. I wouldn’t call it writer’s block. It’s more writer’s lazy. Or writer’s not interested. I’m getting some work done, but not nearly enough.

But I’ve been reading and remembering what it’s like to enjoy the story from that side. To follow and fall in love with characters. And I’ve been reading about *gasp* women. I’ve devoured Nalini Singh’s Angel series and I’m now getting through the Psy-changelings. Read Meljean Brook’s Iron Duke and can’t wait for more. There’s so much good stuff out there.

Reading used to fill my mind with ideas. Kind of “Okay, I like this story, but if I was writing it, I’d…” I’m hoping for a kick/spark like that soon.

Written by Jet Mykles

Jet is a writer of sexual fantasy with a firm belief that all men are at least partially gay, that vampires are just people with a liquid diet and shapeshifters live on every block.
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"Been reading" by Jet Mykles was published on June 4th, 2011 and is listed in Jet Mykles.

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  1. Kristi wrote,

    Funny, I just started the Psy-changeling series! Just in the middle of Hostage to Pleasure. Love the books to bits. Still can’t get over Judd. <3 Hope you get a spark soon. :)

  2. piaveleno wrote,

    I get that “writer’s lazy” thing when I don’t read enough. Reading will kick your creativity in the butt soon, I’m sure.

  3. Jet Mykles wrote,

    Kristi: Judd was terrific! Haven’t read a hero in a while with a completely justifiable reason for keeping his distance. Was refreshing.

    piaveleno: I hope so!

  4. lauraz28 wrote,

    Reading and writing seem to be inversely related. The more you read the less you write… Enjoy the mental break from your own words. There are lots of great books out there… but hey now isn’t a bit too wild to go off reading those books with females in them… LOL.
    Hugs for all your past words and future ones.

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