I thought I’d give you a little taste of one of the upcoming Deputy Joe Novels…yes, one of, I’m working two sequels to Hard Fall concurrently.  FYI BDSM ahead. Enjoy.


Thinking it was about time to roust Kabe, I wandered back into the bedroom. As usual, he’d gone and slept nekkid. With the sheets tangled about his legs and his brown butt bare and on display, well the sight of him sucked my breath away. That ass was so perfect. Heck, all of him was so perfect. I could see a bit of his cock and nuts poking out between his legs half trapped under his thigh. Both his arms folded under his body and he had his face tucked down into his shoulder. Warm, heavy, rich and a little sour, the smell of him coated my tongue.

All I could think on was that bubble butt was all for me. Got me hard as freeze in January. I wanted to get up on him and rub my dick against that lean butt. Didn’t even really think on it, I just unbuckled my belt. But, as the leather slipped through the loops on my jeans, shushing against the denim, another idea struck me hard. I gripped my belt between my hands, folded it up in a loop. The urge came on as I stood there massaging the leather and smelling him.

I shouldn’t, but I should.

I sucked in a deep breath and stepped up next to the bed. I let the tail of the belt drop, kept the buckle up in my right hand. Then I hauled back and brought the end of the strap down across his butt cheeks. The crack of it against his skin latched into my spine and made me shudder.

Kabe woke roaring. “What the fucking hell?” He reared up on his knees and rubbed his ass. Then he turned and glared at me. That kinda look off’a him just worked my blood up hotter.

“Shut up.” I growled. “Lay down.” I folded the belt again, sandwiched the loop in my left hand.  Pushing my hands together, I opened it up into an O. Then I yanked my fists apart snapping the leather like a gunshot.

“What?” As he looked at me, I saw the mirror of my thoughts dawn on him. He licked his lips. Then he swallowed hard. “What are you going to do, Joe?”

I ran my tongue along the inside of my cheek. “Lay down and you’ll find out.” It took a minute more, but then Kabe slid back down on the bed – all flat on his stomach. That worked for the first blow, but I needed a little better. “Get that ass up in the air.” I cracked the leather again. He scooted his knees in toward his chest and hefted his butt in the air.  I let go the looped end of the belt and tapped that, real light, on his ass cheek. “Now, don’t you dare move.”

“You kidding me?” Kabe snorted. “With you whaling on my ass?”

There’s probably guys out there who wouldn’t take to Kabe’s smart mouth. Me, I liked it. Last thing I wanted between my sheets was some whimpering thing that didn’t know his own mind. It’s like when I go trail riding, why would I want some broken nag that put nose to dock of the horse in front and never stepped outta line? Something with a fair bit of fight, that wants to take off and run in the wind, equaled my kind of ride. I was right fond of Kabe’s spirit. It worked me up and got me going. So long as he understood I was the boss…

“Okay.” I leaned over the bed, put my mouth up next to his ear and growled. “Let me put it this way: you move more than an inch and you don’t get nothing more. I’ll just work your ass and then jack myself off and you cain’t touch yourself.”

“I can’t…” Kabe didn’t more than turn his head. I got a set of big hazel eyes turned on me and pleading. “Joe, no way.” Kabe’s voice weren’t no more than a whisper.

“Don’t you dare.” I warned him as I stood up.

If I hadn’t been expecting the question, I never would have heard Kabe, “How can I help it?”

“You just find a way.” I dragged the strop across the crack of Kabe’s ass. “You got me, boy?” He shivered under the caress of leather. Cain’t say that I didn’t too; watching that dark, thick belt run up over his brown skin.

Turning his face down and tensing up, Kabe whispered, “Yes, Joe.”

Then, that moment, this little bit of a sigh slipped out from his lips and he relaxed. I don’t know how to explain it. Kabe tightened up with the waiting, the wanting, but I could taste it. All down in his core. He got his knees tucked up under him. His hands stretched out in front of his body with his fingers balled into the sheets. Hamstrings and calves pulled so taut I could bounce a quarter off ‘em. Each muscle in his back drew feathers across Kabe’s skin. But I swear, that boy spun webs of calm that reached out and wove me into this deep sense of peace I couldn’t find nowhere but with him.

I hauled back and lashed him again. Kabe bucked as, “Fuck!” spewed out of his lips. He didn’t, however, move more than an inch. And well, I hadn’t told Kabe he couldn’t cuss. Like I said, that fight gets me going.

I had to reach out. It was as if the heat off his ass magnetized my palm. That smooth, cool skin tracked by two burning streaks of heat across his butt. For a while I petted it and him. Latched us together through his pain. I ain’t feeling it, but I am…like the ghost of the sting drifted up off his ass and worked through the whorls of my fingertips, crawling along my nerves to settle in my balls.

Stepping back, I let the tongue of leather drag along the floor. It wasn’t much of a sound, but enough to fuel the anticipation. Both Kabe and I trembled a bit. I savored that: the wanting, the needing. When I just couldn’t take it no more, I belted him again. The strop cut across his back and wrapped around his ass.

“Don’t you dare move boy.” I reminded him. Another lash caught him high on his shoulders. I kept a watch so I didn’t get him in the gut, but otherwise I whaled on most every bit of skin I could see. Each time a blow landed his butt cheeks tightened up, the muscles in his thighs twitched and he’d grunt through the pain. I landed a really good hit and Kabe rocked back kinda drawing his knees into his body. The moan of my name through his tight lips balled right behind my nuts just getting my dick all hard.  I gave him a moment before I ordered, “Get that butt back up in the air.”

Two breaths, sucked in hard, and he did what I told him to. Again I smacked. “Fuck!” Spewed out of his mouth and down he went again. Once more, this time without me ordering it, Kabe got up on his knees. Made him shudder as I rubbed the belt along the crack of his ass. I played that for a while. Teasing him with the leather, not hitting him none. I’d pull back. Kabe’d tense up. Then I’d just lightly brush his skin with my belt.

Finally, I couldn’t take much more of the tease myself. I messed with it like I had before. Since now he’d fallen into not expecting things and his ass probably hurt more with a little time to get sensitive again, when I whooped him good Kabe shot to the head of the bed and yelled out, “Goddamn!”

Over and over, that snap of leather against his skin rocketed up my arm and drilled itself into the back of my brain. I put my free hand right up on his back and pressed him into the mattress. While it weren’t the most comfortable of positions, but I needed to feel my weight, my body, holding him in place. I choked up on the belt, folded it through my hand so that there was a short loop of leather hanging out then hauled off and hit him again – a big, thick, red mark overlayed on top of the others.  He squirmed underneath me.  Most all of him staying put still was the words out of my mouth. But being able to feel Kabe jerk as my belt carved another weal across his butt, got me by the balls and just layered another thread of heat into the blood weaving through my body.

That perfect rock solid frame of his, all lean with his dark skin against white sheets, looked so fine. Kabe had his head turned toward me. The mop of his wild black hair plastered to his scalp started going curly at the ends and across his cheek. He sucked in air through lips parted just enough that I could see the edge of his teeth. Sweat shined on his skin. Lord he was a sight to behold.

I couldn’t take it no more. I dropped the belt on the floor. I think the clatter of it startled us both. First I fished in my kit on the night stand and got what I needed. Then I clambered up on the bed behind him. Kabe shuddered again. As I fussed with my jeans, Kabe kinda spread his knees a little which opened up his butt cheeks. I managed to pull myself out. After slicking my dick down a bit, I rubbed along his taint and up against his balls. Kabe moaned. The sound burrowed into my gut. Didn’t think I could want him any more than I did right then.

I angled to where I needed to be. I pushed into that hot, tight hole of his. One long hard drive down into him. The sound of his drawn out, “Fuck,” echoed through my nuts. I knew he could take it. I knew he liked to take it this way. Boy was about as delicate as a cougar in heat…no way I’d treat him like anything but the man he was.

Once I was in, I took a moment to let my heart calm down a might. Always ramped me up some, that moment of feeling him raw. Don’t right off right remember when we went bareback the first time – remembered it was late, dark and neither of us could be bother to stop what we was doing right then. Nothing ever hit me like the sense of all of him hot and intense. Only took a bit before my thinking brain shut off and I started to pound. I rode Kabe like madman – all mixed up with heat and sweat and the smell of him.

The sandpaper scrape of his fingers on the sheets drew up the hair on my arms. I dug my fingers in the raw, hot welts on his ass. He bucked back against me. Kabe liked his pain…said it ‘made it’ for him. Good thing too, ‘cause I’d give him as much as he could take. I don’t know how to describe it, but the belting felt as good on my dick as plowing his ass. ‘Guess sex really is all in your head.

Wasn’t long before my mind melted down. I managed to yank out. Painted over those still read welts on his ass with white dots of cum. His balls, all tight with need, dangled between his legs. I could count his ribs with how the muscles drew across his chest. Every line of bicep and thigh stood out like a topographical map. His butt cheeks were damn near squared off they were so tense and the divots where his thigh muscles melded into hips held a sheen of sweat. With all that, a blanket of calm, as if some angel covered Kabe with its wings, covered his face.  Few things looked so fine.

I took a deep breath. Then I swatted his butt and he hissed. “Roll on over, boy.”

When he did, I marveled again. All calm and relaxed, Kabe’s warm skin damn near glowed. Dark fur covered his legs and arms and crawled up from his bush toward his chest. One leg was kinda cocked up and the other fell open on the bed just exposing everything for me. That long dick of his bowed up across a forest of thick black hair and pointed at his belly. His nuts framed the base of that hard cock.

If I hadn’t had just blown, the way he looked begged for a balling. I almost got up again when he licked his lips. I wrapped my hand around his cock. “Okay, boy.” I grinned. Felt how feral it must look by the tightening of the skin on my jaw.  “You still cain’t move.”

Even as he shuddered, a smile twisted around his mouth. I let him fall into the anticipation for a while. I could sense him amping up for it. And I didn’t do nothing but squeeze his dick in my palm. Tighten up and release…not stroking, taking control of what Kabe got to feel. Then I did one long pull from the base toward the tip. Kabe shuddered and his hips bucked. The moment he moved, I stopped.

“Shit, Joe.” Kabe begged. “Come on, dude, please.”

“When I say so.”

He hissed and bit his bottom lip. I waited. Took him a while to give in again. That subtle shift of his shoulders back into the mattress told me he was ready. I moved my palm along his dick. Kabe blew out a hard breath, dug his fingers into the sheets and everything tensed up, but he didn’t move. Slow, enjoying the beautiful torture of his need and my control, I jacked him. I’d speed it up a moment then back it down – no rhyme or reason to why. Only thing is it kept him all on edge and that was right fine.

I lost all sense of time in toying with him. Could have been a minute. Could have been an hour. Kabe stayed hard as a spire of rock through my playing. The longer it went the more he struggled with keeping still. Amazed me how much power he had over himself and that he gave that to me to use as I wanted. All I knew was I folded into him, became part of Kabe’s soul when I took control of his inner strength.

Finally, I couldn’t take it no more. I was fair certain Kabe could have taken it all day. I hissed out, “You done good,” and started jacking him hard. “Let it go.”

He huffed out, “Oh, fuck.” Kabe’s hips jerked off the mattress. Between him bucking through my hand and me working his dick, it didn’t take that long. A shudder twisted through his lean, hard body. Then, with a soul-deep sigh, Kabe blew. I milked the spunk outta his dick with almost painful strokes. Even that just pushed him deeper into a boneless state.

I licked that musky cum off my thumb and the back of my hand. Then I folded myself down next to him. With every breath he took, I drew in his calm. I needed him more than I could ever talk about.

Written by James Buchanan

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"While You Were Sleeping: A bit from Joe & Kabe" by James Buchanan was published on November 13th, 2010 and is listed in James Buchanan.

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  1. Kimberly Gardner wrote,

    Mmm, that was hot. I love these boys.

    Can’t wait for the sequels. :)

  2. Jade Buchanan wrote,

    Guh… Very nice!

  3. Jambrea wrote,

    wow! That was HOT! Thank you!

  4. jo wrote,

    That was……welll….I dont know how to say it…..other than that was powerful. What trust and devotion and love between Joe and Kabe. To shaer the burn and pain and the peace and the flying with them was indescribeable……thanks for this short and for the original story. And SQUEEEEE! sorry fangirl moment to find there will be more books with these two…..such a great surprise!

    Thanks again for the story,

  5. Jet Mykles wrote,

    oh wow. That was amazing

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