A NYU film student, Naomi Davis, is attempting to make a DADT film. She has asked for help in getting the word out on student film project for NYU she is directing. I know she has contacted several other authors as well. I think that takes some good marketing sense to bring the issue to people already working the problem for support. Smart cookie. I like that.

I checked out her website and her funding system. She seems very genuine. Genuine enough that I did donate a little to the cause as it is sponsored by an NY arts foundation and the donations all go through Amazon billing, so only Amazon sees your financials.

So I’m going to pass on the links to her effort for you to look at and judge for yourselves.
This is the website about the project:


And this is the link to donate:


The subject is a tense one, so very front and center right now. It’s a very important issue that I feel as strongly about as Naomi and her classmates do. Other countries all over the world have shown that allowing gays the freedom to be open has not affected their military in a negative fashion. In fact some found morale and support between their soldiers increased when part of that force wasn’t distracted by trying to hide their sexual orientation from discovery.

Next month MLR Press will release our own DADT message in our anthology HONORABLE SILENCE with stories by Maura Anderson, George Seaton, William Maltese, and Lex Valentine. The cover is posted in this message as well, done by the talented Michael Breyette.

This denial of basic human rights shouldn’t exist in the most powerful and confident country in the world. Everyone should be proud to be an American!

Written by Laura Baumbach

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