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National Coming Out Day was yesterday, October 11th. I know I’m a day late, but I’d like to celebrate the day by giving away a digital set of my Bay City Paranormal Investigations books one through five. One of the main characters, Dr. Bo Broussard, struggles to come to terms with his sexuality and with coming out to his friends and family and to the world at large. This is a major theme of these first five books, so I thought it was appropriate to give away a set of the books for Coming Out Day :)

Here’s how to win. Email me, ally AT allyblue.com, with BCPI CONTEST in the subject line. In the email, tell me why I thought giving away the BCPI books for Coming Out Day would be appropriate (the answer is in the above paragraph, and you don’t have to answer word for word, just enough that I know you’re not a bot!) and give me your preferred email address. I’ll pick the winner Wednesday night Oct. 13 at 8 p.m. EST.

There’s also a week-long Coming Out celebration going on over at the Dear Author blog. Check out their Gay Writes week and be sure to read Sarah’s kick-off post for details on how to win one of the zillions of books they are giving away (including books from yours truly and other FWF authors *g*)

And now, also in celebration of Coming Out Day, here’s an excerpt from Twilight, the 3rd book in the BCPI series. In this scene, Bo makes a decision about coming out. Enjoy :)


© Copyright 2010 Ally Blue

Outside, Bo’s smile withered. He stomped down the stairs without so much as a word to Sam or Dean, or a glance in their direction. Sam and Dean looked at each other. Dean shrugged, obviously as confused by Bo’s behavior as Sam was.

Sam hurried after Bo, with Dean hot on his heels. He caught up to Bo halfway down the steps, Bo’s limp slowing him down in spite of his haste.

“Bo, what’s wrong?” Sam asked, touching Bo’s shoulder.

Bo didn’t answer. Worried, Sam brushed past him just in time to stop him at the bottom of the steps. He laid both hands on Bo’s shoulders. “Tell me what’s wrong. Please.”

For a second, Bo just stared at him, brown eyes wide and unreadable. Then, to Sam’s surprise, Bo wrapped his arms around Sam’s waist and buried his face in his neck. Sam held him, stroking his back and pressing kisses to his hair. Tension hummed through the taut muscles under Sam’s palms.

“I’m sorry,” Bo murmured against Sam’s neck. “It’s not you. Or us. It’s just… This is ugly. Ugly. It scares me.”

Sam’s chest constricted. He tightened his arms around Bo, as if he could somehow protect him from all the hate in the world.

A hand touched Sam’s shoulder. He swiveled his head around to meet Dean’s gaze. Dean’s eyes reflected the same hard-won knowledge Sam possessed.

“I’m off to the dining hall,” Dean told him. “I’ll be back in probably forty-five minutes or so. That enough time?”

Sam nodded. “Yeah. Thanks, Dean.”

A smile lit Dean’s face. “What are friends for?” He squeezed Sam’s shoulder, then Bo’s. “Bye, Bo. See y’all in a little while.”

Bo turned to look at Dean without lifting his head. “Okay. See you.”

Dean wandered off, hands in his pockets, and Sam pulled Bo closer. “Things like this are always ugly. But we have a lot of support from the other staff here, and there are no guests around. Try not to worry too much about Anne and her hang-ups.”

“I know. Logically speaking, I know it’s just words from a person who’s proven herself to be intolerant and there’s no real reason to worry. But I’ve never had to deal with anything like this before. It’s harder than I thought it would be.” Pulling out of Sam’s embrace, Bo gave him a humorless smile. “And I know it won’t be the last time.”

“Probably not.” Sam fell into step beside Bo as they started down the path to the cabin. He resisted the urge to slip his arm around Bo’s waist again. Bo’s limp seemed less pronounced, and Sam trusted him to say something if he needed or wanted help. “Nobody outside of this group has to know about us, though. We’ve kept our relationship a secret this long, we can keep on doing that.”

Bo darted an inscrutable look at Sam. “Actually, I think I’m tired of trying to hide. It’s too much work, for too little payoff. People find out anyway, so why bother?”

Surprised, Sam stared at Bo’s profile. “What about Janine? What about the boys? You don’t think our coming out as a couple would affect your chance at getting shared custody?”

Bo tilted his head back to gaze up into the night sky. A few flakes of lingering snow dusted his face, catching on his lashes and melting against his skin. Sam managed to suppress the urge to lick off the little trickles of water.

“I love my children,” Bo said, very softly. “But I love you too, Sam. Why should I have to choose?” He stopped walking and pinned Sam with a determined gaze. “I’m a good father. There is absolutely nothing in my past or present which would be grounds for keeping me from my boys. My lawyer tells me I’m on solid legal ground here, and I know I’m on solid moral ground. I won’t allow anyone to force me to choose between my children and you.”

Sam licked his lips. His heart raced, the blood whooshing in his ears. “So, that’s it? We’re officially out now?”

“Yes. I’m sick of hiding. All this with Anne just made me realize how harmful these sorts of secrets can be.” Stepping closer, Bo took both of Sam’s hands in his. “When we get home, let’s move in together.”

Sam’s mouth fell open. “Really?”


“You’re sure?”

“Yes, I’m sure.” Lacing his fingers through Sam’s, Bo pulled him closer and pressed a light kiss to his lips. “I’m starting to get used to waking up with you. I don’t want to give it up.”

Laughter bubbled up from somewhere deep inside Sam. “Okay. But you’re moving into my place. There’s no way I’m living in that shithole apartment of yours.”

“My thoughts exactly,” Bo agreed with a grin. He leaned closer, his voice dropping to a seductive growl. “Now let’s get to our cabin. I need to fuck you before I can concentrate on work.”

Sam’s knees went weak. “Good idea.”

Drawing away but keeping one hand linked with Sam’s, Bo led the way to the cabin. Sam followed, feeling as if he were floating. Maybe everything would work out for him and Bo after all.

Written by Ally Blue

Ally is a rich and famous author of hot gay manlove. She travels the world in her private jet, being waited on hand and foot by her team of pretty young men who bring her umbrella drinks and make out for her pleasure . . . Okay, so that's her dream life. Her novels of Manlove & Angst are mostly written in her living room, in between working at the Evil Day Job and doing Mom Stuff. Oh, the glamorous life of an author!
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  1. J.L. Langley wrote,

    Do you know, that even though I own all of them, it’s tempting to email you? LOL I love this series!

  2. Ally Blue wrote,

    Aw, thanks sweetie!

    Winner of the contest is Dani! If you’re reading, Dani, congats! I emailed you :D

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