Indigo Knights: SquireFor those who may not have heard, Indigo Knights: Squire is now available from Loose Id. It is my latest gay for you story.

I’ve blogged about this before sometime, but I write it enough to blog about it again.

Gay for You (GFY) stories. I. Love. Them. I do. It’s simply too much fun when a hitherto straight guy discovers that he’s fallen for a man. I realize in real life, this may not happen often. Or, when it does, it’s not nearly as smooth as I portray it in my books. I can only imagine that in real life this is a very jarring and scary change in a guy’s life. However, in most of my stories, although it changes his life, my characters usually make the transition pretty easily, all things considered. There’s a reason for this.

I write fiction. More particularly, I believe in my heart that I write fantasy fiction. Even my contemporaries are fantasy.

Also, most of my GFY characters already had tendencies in that direction, whether they know it or not. Tyler from Heaven is probably the most obvious of those, but I think most of my GFY characters had a reason to not notice that they were probably at least a little attracted to other men.

So, let’s face it. Much as I would wish it, Heaven Sent doesn’t exist. In many ways, they pretty much can’t. Four gorgeous, intelligent, talented musicians who love each other like brothers, hardly ever argue, and who all fall in love with men. Not to mention that they’re wildly popular. Lovely picture, but not at all likely to happen. I mean, I’d love to live in a world where they could exist. But even my beloved Adam Lambert doesn’t have life that easy. Now there’s the Indigo Knights. I don’t think I’m giving anything away by saying that they’re all going to be gorgeous and talented musicians and they’re going to fall in love with men. If this is a shock to you, you must not be familiar with my stories.

Now, I did get to do something different with Squire. All of Heaven Sent is written from the point of view of the bottom or, in yaoi terms, the uke. Ok, in Just For You there was a switch up scene but Kevin, for the most part, was the bottom. But Squire is written from Rabin’s POV and he’s the top in the relationship. It’s funny that it occurred to me that this is probably the more natural way for a straight guy to turn. Don’t you think? I mean, let’s face it, anal intercourse can be weird and painful the first few times. Some people never like it. Much easier for a guy to get used to sleeping with another guy when he’s on top because he’s, essentially, doing the same thing as with a girl. Yet, in most of my GFY stories and in most of the GFY stories I’ve ever read, the straight guy is the bottom. My guess is that the role is usually seen as the more passive role, the one “being done to”. It’s easy to see that role as the one being seduced. Besides, once you’ve taken a guy inside you, it’s pretty hard to dispute that you might be gay. Yeah?

I don’t see a stop to my writing GFY. It’s too much fun. It’s also a built in conflict. Besides, I love that shock that a guy feels when he has to admit that he’s hot for another guy. There’s something too terribly sexy about it.

So? Thoughts? Are you sick of GFY or is it a theme you’d revisit again and again?

Written by Jet Mykles

Jet is a writer of sexual fantasy with a firm belief that all men are at least partially gay, that vampires are just people with a liquid diet and shapeshifters live on every block.
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"Gay For You" by Jet Mykles was published on September 11th, 2010 and is listed in Jet Mykles.

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Comments on "Gay For You": 6 Comments

  1. Tam wrote,

    Definitely not sick of GFY. As you said, it’s a fantasy, it’s fun and escape. I don’t care if it’s realistic, lots of things I read aren’t.

    I stayed up until after 2:00 last night to finish Squire. It was a super read, I just couldn’t go to bed and not see them together. :-) Looking forward to the next one. Keep writing what you love and do so well.

  2. Jambrea wrote,

    I LOVE GFY. I think you write some of the best out there! I love it so much that I actually wrote my first one. I’m just hoping I did it half as well as you do! I really can’t wait for your next one!!

  3. wren wrote,

    When it’s done well, I love it! And you are a master of the GFY. (Or is that mistress?) It is fun to step into a world that is an ideal, a fantasy if you will. When I finish reading a book like this, I find myself wishing that the world could really be like that. So you just keep on keepin’ on, Jet!

  4. Ingrid wrote,

    GFY is by far my favourite theme. And it shows that it is yours too, that makes it such fun to read. I don’t care that it is not something that would happen in real life.

  5. blade wrote,

    LOVE your GFY stories, Jet!
    But I feel like such a dolt — I never put together your POV aspect before. I wondered about it when reading the Heaven Sent series, but never made the Top-Bottom connection.
    Anyway, can’t wait for more from you!

  6. kiracee wrote,

    I don’t read fiction to see “real life”. I read for enjoyment, for comfort, to forget about the stress of real life for a little while. I think most people do. So I love your GFY stories.

    Your characters are the kind of people I wish I had as friends. Your stories have enough joy to make me happy and enough conflict to keep it interesting, but not so much I have nightmares. I always finish your stories with a smile, and that is a gift more precious than gold.

    I have been counting the days until Squire was released and I bought it as soon as it was available. I just finished reading it for the second time this afternoon. And I am eagerly awaiting more stories about the Indigo Knights as well as anything else you write.

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