Yes, my dear readers, Jet has accessed another level of pervyness. I’ve put aside the MLR rock star story for a bit (I WILL get back to it, Kris and Laura! Promise) and I’m working on a Xmas story for Loose Id that’s a tad… off.

OK, those of you who know me are probably thinking that’s nothing new. First, :P. Second, you’re probably right. But this time it seems a little off, even for me.

The premise of the story? Well, see, there’s this cute little (and I mean little since he’s about 4 feet tall) elf by the name of Lon and he’s fallen in love with another elf — this one’s a little bit bigger, all of 5 feet — and the second elf just happens to be a reindeer. OK, no, it’s not a beastiality story, people. Put your minds back in gear and realize that I’m writing a shape-shifter story. In this world I’ve been making up, a select group of Santa’s elves morph into nine tiny reindeer to pull Santa’s sleigh. And, when they’re not in their furry shape, they’re the hottest thing in Santa’s village. Elves aren’t new to me, of course, but these elves aren’t my dark elves by any stretch of the imagination.

Now, I presented this idea to Loose Id with trepidation. Wasn’t too sure they’d accept. But, to my surprise, the ladies at LI are trusting me to pull this one off. I told the SO about the idea and he gave me one of the weirdest looks I’ve ever received from him (and I’ve gotten lots) followed by a huge smile as the idea clicked in his head. Well, yes, he’s as big a perv as I am. Go figure.

The good news is, I’m having fun with it. Wasn’t too sure when I started off — because, you see, even I am leery of some of my ideas — but once I got going, I really started to like it. It’s kind of interesting to come up with this alternate realm — see, my elves pop into and out of our realm for the big night and such. I might even have to go back to Santa’s Village after this story.

‘Tis a m/m story but there are female elves in the world. Even…

Wait. I’ll stop there. More to come closer to the season.

Ho ho ho!

Written by Jet Mykles

Jet is a writer of sexual fantasy with a firm belief that all men are at least partially gay, that vampires are just people with a liquid diet and shapeshifters live on every block.
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"Sexy Santa’s Elves?" by Jet Mykles was published on July 17th, 2010 and is listed in Jet Mykles.

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Comments on "Sexy Santa’s Elves?": 5 Comments

  1. Jambrea wrote,

    Nice! So…we can read it in Dec, yes? :D

  2. Jet Mykles wrote,

    Yep. Due out in December. Or, at least, by December. I admit, I don’t know the exact pub dates but it is for Xmas this year.

  3. Jambrea wrote,

    WOOHOO! That’s great. Can’t wait.

  4. CarolineGa wrote,

    I cann’t wait until Christmas! But I guess I’ll have to. It will still be a great christmas presant to myself though. I really cann’t wait. *Evil Grin*

  5. missywelsh wrote,

    That sounds like it’ll be a really fun read, Jet! Sounds like you’re having a blast writing it too. Looking forward to reading that one, oh yes :)

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