Fight For Your Rights

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Finally. Craig held very still, trying not to show any reaction to seeing the Golden Boy appear from around the hibiscus tree at the end of the loosely paved path that led past his cabin. Keep casual, he advised himself, letting one foot lift so he could cross it over the other at the edge of his lounger. A lazy reach brought his beer to hand for a leisurely sip as he appeared to be watching the ocean through the line of trees on the other side of the path.

Golden Boy looked good, no doubt about it. A loud orange, yellow and lime green Hawaiian shirt was unbuttoned to display the mouth-watering perfection of sculpted pecs and flat belly under a shining scattering of gold hair. The jagged hem of worn cargo jeans cut off just above his knees, baring the furry length of honed calves above sandy feet scuffing along in old flip-flops. Golden Boy’s chin-length mane of wavy blond hair was nearly blinding in the sun but became a more sedate shine in the shade. Heavy black sunglasses hid his eyes but nothing could mask that wide, heart warming smile.

“Hey!” Shifting the tiki torches he carried from one shoulder to the other, Golden Boy stepped up to the railing of Craig’s balcony. “I was beginning to wonder if you were going to make it this year.”

“Hey.” Craig tried to tame the face-splitting grin that took his face. Golden Boy had missed him? Yes, they’d talked on previous visits but Golden Boy saw hundreds of tourists a year. Craig stood, picked up his beer and took it to the balcony rail. “Yeah, a little late in the season but a I made it.”

Golden Boy — whose name was Boon but Craig found it hard to think of him initially by name — raised his sunglasses to the top of his head, revealing eyes that rivaled the color of the ocean that sang beyond the sand. “Where’s your friend?”

Craig put his own sunglasses up on his head. As the balcony faced south, they stood half in shade now so he’d no fear of squinting too much. “We broke up.” There. That was as close as he’d ever gotten to admitting he was gay. Although he and Thom had talked often with Golden Boy, they hadn’t been that close. He was pretty sure Boon would have guessed they were a couple but he had reason now to make sure that the other man knew for sure he was gay. Otherwise, one of the points of taking this solo vacation was moot.

Boon’s grin froze for a brief second, then he blinked. “Oh. I’m sorry.”

The blink was a bad sign. Damn. “I’m not. It’s been coming for awhile.” Craig sipped from his bottle of local island beer. Strong stuff.

Boon folded his free arm on the railing and propped a foot on the lip of the balcony. “So you came alone?”


“Wow.” Boon studied his fingers as he picked at the edge of a fingernail. “I don’t think I’ve ever gone on vacation by myself. Wouldn’t know what to do with myself.”

I know what I could do with you. “It’s not so bad.”

“What’re you doing for dinner?”

Dare he hope? “I’ll probably just go to the restaurant.”

Boon nodded, biting at the side of his finger. “Tell you what. I know an awesome place just outside of town. Fish tacos to die, brah.” There was that grin again. “Wanna come try?”

Craig had to fight the grin, wanting to play it cool. After all, Boon could be asking him to join a group of people. “Yeah, sure. Sounds good.”

* * * * *

It wasn’t a group. It was just the two of them. And it was awesome. Craig had the best time. The taco place was little more than a shack with a covered patio attached. But Boon wasn’t wrong about the fish tacos and the beer was good, cheap and plentiful. The crowd was almost all locals and hotel employees. Craig spent his time sitting at a ricky little rattan table at the edge of a patio by a pond, chatting with everyone and their mother and having the time of his life. This was far more fun than he’d had when he’d been to the islands with Thom. And Boon was right there with him the whole time, introducing him around. Of course there were girls, many of them, and they flitted around Boon like moths and a flame. But he only flirted mildly with them and none of them held his interest for long. Craig got most of his attention. That alone made the night worth it.

Boon drove them back to the hotel in his Jeep. The open car turned a tropical breeze into a veritible wind that kept talking to a minimum. Craig let the shoulder length of his dark brown hair nearly blind him as he watched the ocean span by to his right. It had been a perfect night for a vacation, so much more enjoyable than the constant plans Thom always had.

“What’s that for?”

Startled, Craig turned to Boon. The Jeep had slowed as they neared the turn into the hotel. “What’s what for?”

Boon gave him a brief glance, then put his eyes back on the road. “That sigh.”

“Did I sigh?”

“Yeah. Missing your boyfriend?”

Craig had to laugh. “Just the opposite. I was thinking how nice it was today not to have a strict itinerary.”

“Ah. He was one of those ‘gotta see everything before I go’ type of guys?”

“Completely. Don’t get me wrong, there’s lots of great stuff to do on this island, but it was tiring to have to see them all in a small space of time.” He reached up to grab the roll bar above him, stretching. “Sometimes I felt like I needed a vacation from my vacation.”

“So you don’t regret coming alone?”

“Not at all.”


Craig glanced at Boon sidelong, wondering what he was thinking. He still wasn’t sure how Boon felt about him. At times, he got the idea that Boon was attracted, but he got the clear impression from his interaction with women at the taco place that he’d dated a few of them. So he was at most bi-sexual but Craig couldn’t tell if he was even that. It’d been so long since he’d had a close straight friend that he’d forgotten how to interact. Was Boon just being friendly or was he giving signals? Gads, Craig had been with Thom too long. Clearly, if he wanted to know, he’d have to ask. Trouble was, how?

Boon parked in a small lot not that far away from Craig’s cabin. They both got out and Craig was thrilled when Boon just started walking toward the paved pathway.

Craig fell into step beside him. “Thanks for tonight,” he said, reaching up to finger comb the worst of the mess the wind had made of his hair.

With a backwards ball cap holding down his own shining mane, Boon didn’t have the same problem. “No problem. I’m glad you had fun.”

“I did. I would have never thought to stop in a place like that before.”

Boon chuckled. “Yeah. The locals do that on purpose unless they want to attract the tourists.”

“Duly noted.”

“Although, I wouldn’t recommend just going into any run down little shack. Some of them are dangerous.”

It was Craig’s turn to chuckle. “Duly noted.”

They’d reached the balcony that also served as an entrance for Craig’s cabin. He stepped up onto the cement and Boon stayed at the edge, which put Craig just a little taller than Boon.

When Craig turned to face him, Boon reached up to tuck a wayward curl behind Craig’s ear. “After all, wouldn’t want a cute guy like you to fall into the wrong hands.”

Craig’s heart leapt into his throat. His gaze locked with Boon’s and he watched a slow heat fill the eyes that the night’s lights made nearly midnight blue. Boon’s calloused fingers traced around his ear then slid slowly down his throat.

“Don’t tease me.”

Boon stared at his lips. “Who’s teasing?”

Encouraged, Craig leaned down and met Boon’s lips with his own. At first it was a pressing of lip to lip as Craig stepped closer, then Boon’s hand circled around the back of his neck to get a a better hold as his tongue applied for entrance. Craig gave it gladly, slipping his arms around Boon’s shoulders, catching Boon’s hat when he accidentally knocked it off. Greedily, he sucked in Boon’s tongue as Boon’s other arm wound around his waist to press their bodies together. He loved kissing and Boon was proving good at it, so good, in fact, that he felt the hard-on he’d successfully suppressed throughout dinner rising up to make itself known against Boon’s belly.

He chased Boon’s lips when the other man tried to pull back, but eventually relented when Boon tangled fingers in his hair to hold him still.

Boon’s laugh was breathless. “Damn.” He licked moist lips and searched Craig’s face. “I’ve wanted to do that since you started coming here.”

Craig moved for him. “Don’t stop.”

Boon evaded him with another laugh. “How about we go inside before we give the family set too much of a show?”

Craig blinked, then startled back. He glanced around but no one else was out, just the dim electric torches to light the pathway and the moonlight illuminating the ocean beyond the trees and sand. “Right.” Eyes back on Boon, he backed toward the sliding door as he dug in his shorts pocket for his keycard. He had to switch Boon’s hat from one hand to the other to get into the other pocket. “You are coming with, right?”

Boon’s flip-flops scuffed on the cement as he stalked Craig. He raised a hand up to loosen hat-matted hair. “God I hope so.”

Craig groaned, spinning around in order to slide the key through the lock. He could practically feel Boon as a heated shadow behind him and saw his silhouette in the door’s glass. The door slid open and the shadow followed him inside. The cabin was just two rooms and a bathroom. The folding doors that separated the main room from the bedroom were open as Craig preferred, showing the bed in its brightly flowered regalia when Craig clicked on the one lamp. He turned at one side of the open doorway to find Boon right behind him. A step back brought his back against the wall and Boon against his chest, their lips meeting again quite naturally. Boon’s hat fell to the floor.

“God.” His skull thudded against the wall when he tipped it back to take a breath. His fingers combed through Boon’s hair, finding it every bit as luxurious as he’d thought it would be. “I could kiss you all night.”

“We could do that.” Boon nuzzled his neck, causing goose bumps all up and down Craig’s right side. His hands slid around to cup Craig’s bottom, squeezing through Craig’s shorts. “Or we could fuck.” Teeth nipped Craig’s pulse.

Craig shivered at the overt request. “Mmmmm.” He sought out Boon’s lips for another kiss. “Let’s do that.”

Boon pulled him from the doorway and nudged him backward into the bedroom. The overbearing scent of hibiscus poured in through the slats of the shutters from the open window beyond. “See, that’s what I like about sleeping with guys.” He paused with Craig at the edge of the bed to give him a grin. “A girl probably would have slapped me for that.”

Craig cupped Boon’s cheek. “I can do that too, if you like.”

Laughing, Boon set Craig away from him. “Maybe later.” He released two buttons of his Hawaiian shirt to loosen the neck the reached up to haul it up and off.

Distracted, Craig just stood there and watched, drinking in the roll of muscles under the deep brown of Boon’s tanned skin, fascinated by the sheen of gold hair over it. He reached out to pet the pelt over Boon’s pecs. “You are so gorgeous.

A hand reached out to hook his neck and draw him into a kiss. “So are you.”

The kiss stifled Craig’s laugh. He was cute enough but he could not be considered gorgeous. Not like Boon. Not like Thom. But when Boon’s hand slid down the back of his shorts to cup his bare ass, he lost the will to argue. Boon’s grip stretched his shorts down and with a nudge of his other hand and a lift over his cock, they slipped down Craig’s waist to fall to the floor along with his underwear. Boon’s fist found Craig’s erection and Craig saw stars when a firm grip stroked him from root to tip.

He leaned his forehead against Boon’s cheek, eyes closed, breathing hard. “You’ve done this before.”

Another stroke, firm and sure. “Oh yeah.”

“But the girls…”

“Girls are fun.” Lips nipped his ear. “Boys are fun too.”

So you’re a slut, Craig’s hazy mind concluded. He knew that was probably not fair but he was past reasoning with himself just now. “I only…” He groaned, unintentionally thrusting into Boon’s fist. “I only do boys.”

A wet tongue traced the shell of his ear. “Lucky me.”

When Boon tugged at his T-shirt, Craig obediently leaned away just enough to take it off. Boon took advantage of his balance and nudged him just enough so that he tumbled to the mattress. Grinning down at him, Boon quickly unbuttoned, unzipped then dropped his own shorts.

“Damn,” Craig licked his lips, his ass clenching at the sight of Boon’s gorgeous erection. “You must get laid all the time.”

Boon laughed, tossing aside his shorts. “I do okay.” He started to climb up onto the bed, but paused. “Please tell me you have supplies.”

For a brief second, Craig didn’t know what he meant. Then, “oh! Yeah.” He rolled off the side of the bed and hurried to the open suitcase in the corner. He found the bottle of lube and the box of condoms he’d brought both as a hope and as a defiance, determined to get laid during his vacation. If not by Boon, by some beach hottie. Lucky him his first choice was willing. Supplies in hand, he stood turned and couldn’t suppress a groan to see Boon had pulled down the bedding and now lay stretched out on his side, his dark tan making the white of the sheets blinding.

“A whole box.” Boon beckoned to him. “You da man.”

Craig couldn’t be embarrassed, not when his mouth was salivating from the mere sight of Boon’s cock and how it curved to the left. He went to the bed and Boon pulled him down and arranged him on his back. Then those soft, smiling lips were kissing his chest, licking his nipples, tracing the bottom edge of his ribs, teasing his navel, then… “Oh.” Only then did he realize he still held a box in one hand and a bottle in the other. He dropped them to the mattress as Boon spread his thighs. His balls got a tongue bath and a suck before Boon’s tongue raked up the length of Craig’s shaft for lips to find his tip. “God.” Warm, wet heat surrounded Craig’s shaft, sending wiggly tingles through his bloodstream. He shoved the heel of his palm between his teeth to stop needy cries but the sounds just changed into plaintive grunts. Sucking him deep then pulling up, Boon glanced up often to gauge Craig’s reaction. Craig did all he could to let Boon know he was doing just fine.

He watched Boon take a moment to suck his own fingers wet, then bit his lip when those fingers disappeared underneath him. Boon’s eyes were on his face as fingers traced Craig’s anus. Craig finally figured out that Boon was taking his measure, seeing if he was up for the whole deal. He confirmed things for Boon by grabbing the lube and handing it down. Boon grinned and let the tip of one finger penetrate Craig. Craig groaned loud and let his head drop to the pillows. There was only one thing he loved more than being fingered and the look on Boon’s face promised that his favorite part was to follow. He kept his eyes closed and his head back as Boon explored him. Lips and tongue often returned to his cock as fingers delved deep. Craig pushed down on those fingers, wanting them as deep as they could go.

“You really like that, don’t you?”

“Yes.” He really liked the sexy grumble of Boon’s voice too. “God, yes. I’d like your dick more.”

“Can’t argue with that.”

Fingers left him as Boon rose to his knees. They both adjusted position and Boon grabbed the box of condoms to take one out. “Hey, just my size.”

Craig grabbed his knees and pulled them up as Boon rolled on the condom.

Boon grinned. “Eager?”

“Yes. Please.”

The grin melted into something softer, warmer. “Fuck, you’re cute.”

Craig couldn’t respond. Not when Boon was leaning down, taking hold of his cock, aiming it. Not when Boon’s heated weight was pushing the tip of his cock into Craig’s body. His eyes had to close and a groan pushed from his chest as Boon slowly worked the length of his cock into Craig.

“Fuck.” Boon’s hand wrapped around Craig’s neck, lifting his head into a kiss.

A pathetic mewl escaped Craig as he dropped his knees so he could clutch Boon’s shoulders. He cried into Boon’s mouth as Boon began to slowly thrust, dragging that delicious cock out then pushing it back into Craig’s ass. “God, yes!” he cried when Boon released his mouth so he could brace up and get a better angle. A strong hand gripped Craig’s thigh, pushing it back, opening his groin for a quicker pace, a deeper penetration. Craig gripped the pillow beneath his head, biting his lip to try to contain gloried shouting. The shining silk of Boon’s hair brushed his cheek and he suddenly got the impression of Boon as the sun, a personification come to him to fuck him during the night. Heat enveloped him, heat penetrated him, heat filled him up until he couldn’t contain it anymore. He came on a shout that burst past the damn on his teeth and shuddered as his untouched cock spilled spunk all over his chest.

“Ah, damn.” Pounding now, Boon’s fingers bit into Craig’s thighs as he chased his own orgasm. Sated and spent, Craig watched through lazy eyes as Boon raced, slamming into Craig, reaching for that one… “Fuck!” Everything clenched, Boon’s tan flushed a deep, angry red, the sinews in his throat stood out as his hips pumped those last, urgent thrusts.

“Damn.” Boon shook as he settled, leaning into Craig for balance. “That was awesome.”

Craig had to grin. “Yeah.”

Boon took a deep breath then turned those teal eyes up to Craig. “How long are you here for?”

A small prick in Craig’s bubble. He didn’t want to think about leaving. “About a week.”

Boon grinned. “You have any plans but fucking?”

Craig had to laugh. “Eating, maybe? A little sun.”

Boon nodded as he carefully pulled free of Craig. “Okay, we’ll get you a little food and a little sun.” He crawled over Craig until they were nearly nose to nose. “But I’ve got to fuck you again. A lot.”

Craig nodded eagerly. “I’m up for that.”

Written by Jet Mykles

Jet is a writer of sexual fantasy with a firm belief that all men are at least partially gay, that vampires are just people with a liquid diet and shapeshifters live on every block.
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"Fight for Your Rights: Solo Vacation" by Jet Mykles was published on July 10th, 2010 and is listed in Jet Mykles.

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