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  • by Kimberly Gardner

    Sexy Summer Fling
    By Kimberly Gardner
    Copyright 2010, all rights reserved.
    The beaded curtain hung utterly still in the humid air. It was supposed to add to the air of mystery, but all it did was block what little air might actually reach the back of the shop from that piece of shit air conditioner that wasn’t big [...]

  • by Jade Buchanan

    Happy 4th for everyone celebrating it today!

    Starting Line by Jade Buchanan
    ©2010 Jade Buchanan, all rights reserved.
    Brad glanced around, captivated by all the different people who had come out here this morning. Singles and families, serious runners and what looked like more casual participants. He wasn’t sure where he fit in all of this but he [...]

  • by fictionwithfriction

    [ July 4, 2010 to July 10, 2010. ]

    Fiction time again. Starting July 4th, we’ll be posting excerpts or short stories.

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Wearing the Basic Skin for Shifter by Buzzdroid