Sexy Devil

Neko Matt
© Jade Buchanan, all rights reserved.
Alain paused before starting up the steps, waiting for Leo to catch up. “You sure my costume is okay?”
“Damn it, stop asking. It’s perfect. Kit will love it, trust me.”
Alain finally shrugged, figuring Leo wasn’t about to steer him wrong. Still, he was nervous. Leo and Alain had been best friends since kindergarten, and they’d known Kit for just over a year now. They were in a lot of classes together at the U of C but the two hadn’t really gotten close to Kit until the start of their second year together. They’d been assigned as lab partners in their archaeology class because they had an odd number of students registered in the course, so the three were often squished into a small space made for two in order to get any work done.
Alain really didn’t mind being squished anywhere with Leo, though, so it was all good. And Kit was a great guy. He was always talking about his boyfriend, Rory, which caused all sorts of flutters to go off in Alain’s belly. He wouldn’t be lying if he said he wanted something like that, but he knew what Leo would say if he brought it up again. They’d already talked about the subject nearly a million times already.
If he and Leo weren’t so damn similar they would have made the perfect couple. They did in fact make the perfect couple in bed, but out of it they fought like crazy because they were practically the same person. Both stubborn and convinced they were always right. Of course, that wouldn’t matter if one didn’t naturally try to choose the opposite of whatever the other picked. If Alain cheered for the Calgary Flames, Leo would be backing the Vancouver Canucks. If Alain liked the Stampeders in the CFL, Leo would pick the Alouettes. Seriously! What self-respecting Alberta boy cheered for Montreal?
If asked, though, Alain wouldn’t change a thing. Neither would Leo. Still… it would be nice if they had a referee for when they got stubborn. He wouldn’t mind if that referee was hot and happened to fuck like a god, either. Just saying.
Leo slapped his hand aside when Alain tried to fix his costume again. The ears were sitting wrong. Sighing, Alain rung the doorbell of the townhouse Kit had directed them to. Within seconds the door was opened by a happy, bouncing Kit in full cheerleader regalia. Alain choked out a laugh, eyes bugging at the pom poms Kit waved at them.
“Alain! Leo! You guys made it!” Kit held open the door. “Come in, come in! Happy Halloween!”
Smiling at the infectious grin splitting Kit’s face, Alain followed Leo inside. “Happy Halloween, Kit.”
“Oh, Rory! You need to meet my friends. Come out here.”
A stampede of feet heralded Rory’s arrival. Well, actually it was a bunch of people who all crowded the small entrance way. Alain stepped back, hitting Leo, shrugging off the protective arm Leo slung around his chest.  
A redhead dressed in a football uniform stepped out of the crowd. Damned cute. Looked older than them by several years.
“Hi, I’m Rory. Kitten’s told me a lot about you two. You enjoying Arky 415?”
Leo shrugged his jacket off, handing it to Kit while smiling back at Rory. “Not bad, I can’t wait until we try to make our own stone tools. I like having Kit and Alain as my partners, too. They’re damned smart so they make me look better.”
Alain shook his head in mock-despair, handing his own coat to Kit. “We really do. Poor Leo. Lost cause.” He lunged out of the way of Leo’s swat, bumping against another body.
Ready to apologize, he froze when he saw the man was costumed exactly like him and Leo. All three were dressed simply in jeans, with cat ears and a tail. Alain and Leo had on matching plaid shirts, their ears blending seamlessly with their hair color. Both men were blond and blue eyed, nearly bookend identical to people who didn’t know them well. It was probably because they had a tendency to copy each other’s mannerisms. He didn’t think he looked like Leo, but heck, everyone else seemed to think differently.
This man, though, looked like an older version of Kit. Thick, shaggy black hair brushed over his forehead, nearly obscuring his blue eyes.
“Hello stranger,” the man purred.
Fuck, that was fricking hot. Leo was suddenly at Alain’s back, pressing up against him. “Hey there. I’m Leo, this is Alain.”
“Matt. I’m Kit’s—“
“Older brother. This is our eldest bro, Garth, and his boyfriend Fonz. Everyone else is coming later. It’s going to be a blast! We’re going to carve pumpkins.” Kit bounced back through the entry into the rest of the townhouse, a smiling Rory behind him. The burly brother, Garth, said hi, tugging his pretty blond boyfriend away too.
Leaving Leo and him with Matt. Leo passed his arm around Alain’s chest again, bringing him flush against his body. Oh, Leo definitely liked the look of the nice kitty if that bulge pressing into his ass was any indication. Matt was smaller than the two of them, built more like Kit. Leo and Alain had played football all through high school and had the builds to match, tall and muscular. Leo was actually an inch taller than him but Matt was just fricking cute.
Matt’s ears twitched back before standing straight up again. Damn, that was cool! How’d he do that? “Nice ears, man. Leo and I had to go the polymer clay route but it was hard to find a color match otherwise. How do you get yours to move like that?”
A black tail curled around Matt’s body, brushing against Alain’s thigh. Shit. Man, now him and Leo sported matching bulges in the front of their jeans.
“It’s my little secret. If you’re real nice to me, I may just let you know.” Matt grinned, looking like the cat that ate the canary.
Matt lowered his eyelids, sending a smouldering look their way before turning in place and sauntering off. His tail moved again, swaying back and forth before curling down to touch his leg. Alain tilted his head, trying to figure out how he was doing that. It looked damn real. Must have cost him a fortune to get it to move that way.
“Babe, I think we just found our referee,” Leo crooned in his ear.
Alain opened his eyes wide, unable to hold in his moan. At the sound, Matt glanced back at them, licking his lips. Oh, hell yes.

Written by Jade Buchanan

Jade’s writing is as eclectic as her reading tastes, with over thirty erotic romance tales currently published. She’s also been known to accept writing challenges from friends and family just to see their reactions. She’s a firm believer that love and romance are universal concepts, no matter a person’s gender identity or sexual orientation. Originally from Northern Ontario, Jade has lived in British Columbia and the Sultanate of Oman in the Middle East. Jade currently lives in Calgary, Alberta, where she’s hard at work on her next story. Jade loves to hear from readers! Send her an email at
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"Sexy Devil – Neko Matt" by Jade Buchanan was published on October 25th, 2009 and is listed in Jade Buchanan.

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  1. Ally Blue wrote,

    AND THEN WHAT?!?!?
    You are an evil, evil woman to leave us hanging like that, Jade.
    **imagines the rest**

  2. jadebuchanan wrote,

    Muwahahahah *cough cough* Uh, I guess you’ll have to wait and see. *snickers* Yes, I am an evil woman. You all love me for it :)

  3. Tam wrote,

    Christmas is coming right? Or Thanksgiving or something? I’m right aren’t I? You are evil, Ally’s right. :-D

  4. Jet Mykles wrote,

    Ack! No! More!! waaaaaaaa

  5. jyscale wrote,

    You are evil to end there, but I know some of your major weaknesses and I’m not too proud to use them on you. = 0 Definitely want more!


  6. jadebuchanan wrote,

    LOL, Tam! Matt wants his story told so he maaaay appear again…

    Oops… Sorry, Jet. *evil grin*

    Darn it, Jo! You can’t use my weaknesses against me! That’s not fair! Now who’s evil? *snicker*

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