This is another bit of one of the Bran’s Visions band members. :)

(c) 2009 by Maura Anderson, all rights reserved


Friday the thirteenth. Usually a day he considered lucky, this one seemed to make up for quite a few lucky thirteens. Dumped by his lover of three years and on the day before Valentine’s Day, yet.

True, he and Jake had been growing apart for a long time as Jake became more and more enamored of the lifestyle he’d adopted when he’d gotten the job as an audio engineer for a small indie studio. The man he’d fallen for when they were both scrounging for money to make cover to see their favorite bands in bars had changed in ways Tomas wasn’t sure he liked. Jake, in turn, seemed to never have time for him and they’d become more like roommates who occasionally shared a bed than lovers and partners.

Today Jake had told him he was moving out and he’d found someone else. He could tell the other man was sad but determined.
The saddest thing of all was the sense of relief Tomas felt. Now he knew where he stood, at least. No more guessing. No more fear. He already felt lonely, so even that didn’t change.

The rumor of a private solo concert for charity being put on by the brilliant guitarist of Bran’s Visions, Robert McCallum, had turned out to be true and Tomas had managed to get seats courtesy of a client with connections. The unusual format of a full dinner and then the concert seemed like the perfect Valentine’s Day celebration with Jake.

Instead he was here alone.

As soon as the dinner dishes were cleared and coffee served, the lights dimmed briefly and all attention turned to the small stage set with a stool, two microphones and several different guitars on stands. The lights went out for a few seconds and when they came back up, a slender figure dressed in jeans and a dark purple button down shirt, sleeves folded back to his elbows and worn black boots was perched on the stool.

Green eyes squinting into the lights, the handsome blonde smiled and waved at the audience. Tomas felt his stomach clench at the unconscious sexiness of the famous musician who never acted the part of the spoiled star. He picked up a guitar, settled it on his lap and music seemed to surround Tomas’ soul.

He lost track of time, so engrossed in the music that seemed to call forth to him and him alone that he couldn’t have guessed how much time had passed. Classical, flaminco, a flirtateous gypsy tune, a somber mournful serenade. A driving rock tune from his band’s work. A cover of a classic rock tune with his own flair. A blues rendition that made Tomas close his eyes.

Suddenly the music stopped and the amazing man said he was going to take a break. Tomas released a breath he hardly knew he was holding and sipped the cold coffee he’d barely touched. Amazing. The musician was simply amazing. How much talent lived in that one body and the music his talented fingers coaxed from his simple instruments.

A tap on his shoulder startled Tomas from his distraction and he turned on his chair to see Rob McCallum standing beside him.

“Is this seat taken?”

Only the faintest hint of an accent but it made his husky voice all the more compelling. A shiver ran down Tomas’ arms as if he’d been stroked by the sound.

“Ummm. No, not taken.”

“May I join you, then?”

At his nod, Rob sat next to him. He scooted his chair toward the table, one thigh brushing up against Tomas’ leg and sending jolts of lightning straight to his cock. When the other man’s leg brushed his again, he wondered how much of an accident it really was.

Written by Maura Anderson

Maura began writing on a whim and writing male/male romance on a dare. She enjoyed the results so much that her muse can't seem to turn off the ideas and she continues to write stories about acceptance, being true to one's self and love.
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"Cross His Heart: Soul Song (Bran’s Visions)" by Maura Anderson was published on February 13th, 2009 and is listed in Maura Anderson.

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Comments on "Cross His Heart: Soul Song (Bran’s Visions)": 11 Comments

  1. Sylvie wrote,

    When will you stop teasing us with bits and pieces of these stories and give us the whole ???

    Thanks for sharing these people, but I want more of their stories.

  2. Kris wrote,

    I’m so with Sylvie on this one. You are becoming a major tease, Maura. Please, pretty please; can we have more???

  3. sage wrote,

    I am enamoured with this story and want more! Poor Tomas! Perhaps this will be his lucky day anyway

  4. Maura Anderson wrote,

    Actually, as long as I CAN KEEP MYSELF ON SCHEDULE, the current timeline says I should be working on the first Bran’s Visions in June/July!

  5. Kris wrote,

    Goodo! Will look forward to reading some longer stories. Psst – who are you writing about first?? Enquiring minds what to know. :)

  6. Maura Anderson wrote,

    Got to be Colin Cassidy – the violinist and his story is Music of the Heart.

    It will be a blast to write.

  7. mistry89 wrote,

    This is wonderful – I’m hunting through your website to find the others (I see MOTH is one).
    Cheers :)

  8. Maura Anderson wrote,

    Music of the Heart is Colin’s story (fiddler):

    Rhythm of the Ancestors is the other and is Liam’s story (drummer) :

    Soul Song is #3 :)

    Glad you liked it!

  9. L.M. Prieto wrote,


    I can’t wait until you start Bran’s Visions. I love these snippets :)

  10. Robin S. wrote,

    Yet another remarkable tease for these guys! Definitely need more!!!

  11. H wrote,

    I confess, I’m longing to read Bran’s Visions in a longer story!

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