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  • by Laura Baumbach

    Every memory Carson had of a comment about the way he looked hinged on his eyes, the swirls of white streaked through the vibrant green gave them the appearance of green turquoise. His parents had described them as bright, intelligent and stunning. His classmates in school had called them alien, bizarre and freakish. At twenty [...]

  • by Ally Blue

    … which I hope you notice did NOT stop me from posting up the purty pick-chur.
    Mmmmm… man-nipples…
    Here’s the problem. Ally is SWAMPED. I have to write about 15K in the next week, in my MINUTES of spare time each day. And the hubby has to have surgery on his hand on Friday, to repair [...]

  • by Willa Okati

    Happy Between-Celebrations, Everyone!
    Folks liked Randall and Casey so much last time that I brought them back around for New Year’s. Hope you enjoy!
    (Countdown continues to “Lovers, Dreamers and Me” — coming in early January from Loose Id!)
    “Best Seat in the House”
    (C) 2008 Willa Okati
    “What’re we looking at?”
    New Year’s Eve on a blanket under the [...]

  • by Kimberly Gardner

    Benny’s Resolution by Kimberly Gardner
    ©2008 Kimberly Gardner, all rights reserved.
    Benny pressed himself back into the corner of the black, leather couch and sipped his vodka and cranberry.
    A strange mix of traditional Christmas music, industrial rock and techno pumped through the club’s excellent sound system, the entire room glittered with strings of tiny fairy lights and [...]

  • by Jade Buchanan

     Surprise Visitor by Jade Buchanan
    ©2008 Jade Buchanan, all rights reserved.
    Kit heard the car pull up while he was still in the shower. By the time he’d wrenched open the curtain and hop skipped his way over to the window the car had already pulled out of sight but Kit knew exactly who it was. His boyfriend was back!
    Rory [...]

  • by Jet Mykles

    Since Finn and his skirt was rather a hit around Halloween, thought I’d bring him and Jeff back for the December holidays. Besides, he showed me his new costume and I couldn’t resist.
    Story is quite X-rated.
    ©2008 Jet Mykles, all rights reserved

    Jeff rounded the corner then slowed his car down in front of the one story [...]

  • by J.L. Langley

    “Three, two, one….Happy New Year!”
    Yawning, Rhys ignored the tv, collected his beer off the coffee table and took a swig. Maybe he should have taken Jake and Remi up on their invitation to go hang out at Hell’s Kitchen. He’d thought about it, but decided that it wasn’t worth the effort. [...]

  • by L.M. Prieto

    I wasn’t quite able to slip cookies or kneeling into this, but the two things will be in this story. Certainly the kneeling is around the corner ;)
    * * *
    Bloody hell. His friends had lied.
    Collin glowered at the two men sitting across from him in the cab. The horse-drawn vehicle’s interior was a place of [...]

  • by Laura Baumbach

    So I’m taking a whole 8 days off from the hospital. That means I’m not scheduled and the answering machine is screening my call. Or the kids are. lol.
    While I’m not doing the nurse thing, I am doing the author thing. I’m switching between writing for hours on Genetic Snare to doing hours on completing [...]

  • by Ally Blue

    Well, not yet. But SOON!
    Here’s the deal. Y’all know about Samhain Publishing’s Kindle Giveaway program, right? Where Samhain gives away free downloads of a book for the Kindle for a limited period of time? It’s a relatively new program; I believe they just started it this past summer. But it’s been a big hit [...]

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