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I’m at a lost for an appropriate Thanksgiving story. I’m hard into battle rituals and rough sex. And as fun as that sounds, none of it hit me as holiday fare. I tried to write a little story about giving thanks and best wishes, but it isn’t happening. It’s 3 in the afternoon, my day to post disappearing fast, and it’s still not working after 4 hours of rewrites. I just can’t write on demand very well. Sorry.

So I’m offering up a random piece from Genetic Snare again. My heads in the battle zone of intrigue, murder, betrayal and unshakable loyalty and love. I can’t even tell you if this scene will be in the final manuscript. It just came to me and wanted out of my head. So its my Thanksgiving gift to you all, for being the best readers and fans an author could ask for. Thank you.

GENETIC SNARE snippet– Laura

The late evening Oracan sky reminded Aidan of the rich velvet fabric the cloaks of the more prosperous English gentlemen travelers he had stolen from at one time or another in pirate raids on unfortunate merchant ships. Deep orange, streaked with copper bands, the sky sparkled with a dense dusting of hazy lights, not unlike the diamonds that shone brightly in the bag of gems Aidan had liberated from his long lost and still hidden treasure.

That was where any similarity to Aidan’s old life and earth ended.

The rock formations glistened in shades of gray to black like ashes from a spent bonfire. The surface was grainy, the texture of frail, moth-eaten wool. Like the surrounding air, the rocks were overly warm to his touch, almost too warm for bare skin, the heat making itself known through the thick soles of his recently acquired boots.

Aidan shifted his weight, testing the solidarity of the surface. He found it hard as the bulkheads of Pathos Six, but this none of the vibrations he could normally detect on the space station where he and Talos berthed. Here the hard, black earth seemed still as the dead.

Glancing at the throng of towering monsters awaiting him a few meters away, Aidan let his mouth quirk into a cocky smile. Walking among the dead seemed only appropriate for a man who should have died centuries ago.

He slowly advanced toward the semi-circle of waiting unworldly creatures. Needing an anchor in this foreign world, he murmured out loud, letting the sound of his own voice calm him. “Right dreadful welcome party this is.”

His gaze flickered over the tallest males, identifying Talos’ brothers, Cain and Zeban, and his lover’s old friend Gelan. Aidan paused when his gaze struck the fierce, disapproving stare of the quiet Helb. Unease skittered down his spine and he had to work to keep his self-confident smirk in place. Unlike, Gelan’s open disapproval, Helb had done nothing threatening toward Aidan. He’d never spoken to him, but Aidan noticed the way Helb’s cold gaze weighed heavily on him whenever they were in each other’s presence. He couldn’t decide if it was distrust or curiosity in hunter’s violet stare, but he was pretty sure there was hatred there too.

Just then light wind picked up bringing with it a faint hissing sound. Another ripple of unease crawled over his flesh. Aidan shrugged to loosen the hold of Helb’s glare. No longer interested in the faces of the remaining Oracans, Aidan dropped his gaze, focusing on the uneven rock beneath his boots as he moved into the circle of gray.

As he walked, he tried to find a rhythm in the hissing wind, but gusts of hot air buffeted the rocks in irregular waves, slicing tiny threads off as it cut through the millions of porous pintpiont holes in the earth. A choir of mystical sea sirens popped into his head, forcing a shudder to run across his shoulders. Nothing was more unnerving to seafaring man than the specter of dreaded sirens calling a sailor to an early grave. He shook his head to clear away the vision, forcing his senses to focus on other, hopefully more pleasant things.

Behind him, the black Oracan sea shimmered in the starlight, the sound of the waves measured and soothing, the one reminder of Aidan’s far away past life. The smell of the water wasn’t the salt air of Earth but Aidan imagined it still carried the tang of freedom and adventure in it.

The wind slipped over his skin, its warmth caressing his naked chest and bared arms. It plucked at the thin fabric of his trousers like the unwelcome hands of an unseen trollop. The wind shifted again, howling now, sending strands of his chin length hair to hid his face. He darted a glance through the sudden curtain of hair, looking for the one piercing scowl he actually wanted to see. No, needed to see.

“Where be you, you bloody, hulking sea beastie?”

And just like that, Talos was there, waiting, standing on a raised slab of black rock in the center of his brethren. Long torches stuttered and smoked, their spear-like handles thrust into natural openings in the rock surrounding the proud hunter. Tall, broad, his chest rippling with each deep breath he took, Talos looked like a statue made from dense wood weathered a pale gray.

The nubs of cartilage on his oiled chest and scalp caught the glow from a dozens more torches lighting the night. The smooth oval patches shone, iridescent as the finest pearls the oceans had to offer. It had taken Aidan weeks to realize the hard, smooth patches of cartilage, like sun-warmed stones under Aidan’s rope-callused hands, hid one of the most sensitive areas on his lover’s thick-skinned body. With proper attention, they turned the stoic warrior into a passionate, caring beast in their bedchamber.

Aidan longed to touch the massive creature. He wanted to hear Talos growl with pleasure. The mere sight of Talos made Aidan hard with need. His cock lengthening within the confides of his trousers, heedless of the prying eyes on him.

Small gusts of wind carried a variety of smells, most of which Aidan couldn’t identify, but mixed in with the tang of sweat, sea and sand was an odor he was becoming very good at recognizing. His body responded to it even before his brain identified it –the scent of his lover’s arousal. He’d been able to smell his lover’s presence before actually seeing Talos for several weeks. His new found sense of enhanced smell was both disturbing and thrilling. Right now Aidan decided to concentrate on the thrilling part.

Strolling toward the group, gaze fixed on Talos’ features, Aidan skirted several Hunters who had moved to the outer edge of the arena. A quick glance at the crowd told him more than one male here had a gleam of hate in their stare. That he had expected. It was the lustful glares that surprised him, adding to his growing unease.

He understood the distrust and loathing. The need some of the Oracans had to expel him from their world. He didn’t understand any of them wanting to claim him for themselves. He was a ship’s captain and a freeman. He wasn’t a prize to be won or a lowly cabin boy to be used. He and he alone chose his bedmates.

After boldly adjusting the thickening cock in his pants, Aidan stalked to the center of the arena where he had been told to present himself. No one challenged him as he made his way to Talos’ side, though Helb stepped into his path. Aidan threw Helb a hard stare as he deftly navigated around Helb without breaking his stride.

Climbing the four steep stone slabs up to the top, Aidan gave Talos a saucy grin. “’Bout time they let me see you. Was beginning to think you’d run out on me, luv.”

Remembering the strict rules of trial ritual Oracan culture demanded he follow, Aidan stepped in close to his lover. The ritual demanded the mating pair keep their hands to themselves during the initial ceremony, so instead Aidan let his bare chest press against Talos’ hard abdomen, enjoying the slickness of their sweaty flesh sliding together. He ignored the dark growls of disapproval behind him.

The scent of sex and excitement hung so thickly in the hot, humid air even Aidan could smell it. He let a needy groan escape, thrilled by the way Talos pressed closer in response. The hunter inhaled deeply, leaning down so he hovered over Aidan’s upturned face, lips tantalizingly close.

“You should worry more about my catching you, Runt.”

“Lookin’ forward to it.”

A low, throbbing drum beat started, accompanied by a sudden, eerie chanting of the deep, penetrating voices of males surrounding them. The primitive song combined with the hissing wind, and the flicker firelight, Aidan felt almost at home here. The rawness of the planet and the warrior code of honor of the Oracan matched his own skewed but vaguely honorable view of life. In many ways accepting Talos’ people as his own was the most natural thing that had occurred since his abduction from earth.

Written by Laura Baumbach

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"A bit of Genetic Snare" by Laura Baumbach was published on November 26th, 2008 and is listed in Uncategorized.

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  1. Josef wrote,

    I can’t wait for this to come out! THANK YOU for another snippit of Genetic Snare.

    I’ve been huge fan of Aidan and Talos since Details first came out and I’ve reread it several times just to get a Tals fix until this next installment comes out.

    Please feel free to keep posting snippits!

  2. Rosemary wrote,

    *sigh* I can barely wait, I’m soooo looking forward to this.

  3. Laila wrote,

    I loved Details of the Hunt. Can’t wait for the sequel.

    Aidan is just too adorable. Larcenous, sneaky and conniving but still adorable.

  4. Shelby wrote,

    Yay! I cannot WAIT for more of these two!

  5. Laura Baumbach wrote,

    Thank you everyone! Sorry for the long delay in reply. I was out of town visiting family for the holiday and my MIL’s 80th BD. Big party, lots of good food, snow, wine and decorating. It was a very nice time. Now I have to dive back into the writing!

    But tonight I think I’ll drag off the offspring and buy a few new decorations for the house. Those new LED lights look amazing outside. Now I just have to decide on a color!

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