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  • by Kimberly Gardner

    Technically, yes. The official Nano goal of 50,000 words during the month of November eludes me as it has every year before this one. I produced just over 26,000 words this month, which, though it fell short of the official goal, is still more words than I’ve ever before written in a single month.
    So I’m [...]

  • by Jade Buchanan

    I was recently re-reading one of my favorite books when I noticed something that bugged me. Sure, I’d noticed it before, had even been bothered by it before, but this time it really bugged me.
    In the story, the heroine is a virgin, and during the first erotic, passionate sex scene, the hero shoved himself into [...]

  • by James Buchanan

    A Cop’s Thanksgiving
    © 2008 James Buchanan
    Rate: Explicit
    Caesar stretched and yawned. One of those lazy Saturday mornings he and Nate got so few of. ‘Course with both their habits it was more like noon, but still, wake up, screw around, doze, repeat. Pretty good way to blow a day.
    Nate nuzzled into his armpit, [...]

  • by Jet Mykles

    It’s X-rated kiddies.
    ©2008 Jet Mykles, all rights reserved
    “Oh shit, they’re gonna hate me.”
    “They’re not going to hate you.”
    “I turned their son gay.”
    “You didn’t turn their son gay.” Gale lost the battle with the laughter Frank knew he’d been holding in. “They’ve known I was gay for a while now.”
    “But you haven’t brought anyone home for [...]

  • by J.L. Langley

    Juggling his phone, onto his shoulder, Rhys pulled into his driveway beside Sterling’s black Jeep Wrangler and grinned. “Hey, what’s Sterling doing here?”
    “Hold on. Remi! What’s Sterling doing at Rhys’?” Jake shouted in Rhys’ ear.
    Wincing, Rhys pulled the phone away. Jake had two volumes lately, an outside voice and…well, a [...]

  • by Maura Anderson

    Today I decided to give you a snippet from Giving Thanks, my first m/m romance that is currently out in ebook form from Aspen Mountain Press but will also appear in the terrific Hot Comforts print anthology from Manlove Romance Press. Just yesterday, Giving Thanks make #1 on the All Romance eBooks Top 10 Best [...]

  • by L.M. Prieto

    Happy Thanksgiving, everyone :)
    In honor of today, I’ve come down with a cold. Okay, the cold came free. Despite it, I was able to write a little something. It’s not as long as I would’ve liked, but I’m happy something came out of my stuffy, achy, cold commercial mind. To make up for its shortness, [...]

  • by Laura Baumbach

    I’m at a lost for an appropriate Thanksgiving story. I’m hard into battle rituals and rough sex. And as fun as that sounds, none of it hit me as holiday fare. I tried to write a little story about giving thanks and best wishes, but it isn’t happening. It’s 3 in the afternoon, my day [...]

  • by Ally Blue

    Because I am up to my eyeballs in dealines right now, I was unable to find time for a brand new story for Thanksgiving. So, y’all are getting an excerpt from What Hides Inside, book 2 in the Bay City Paranormal Investigations series. This takes place on Thanksgiving so I guess it fits *g*
    A bit [...]

  • by Willa Okati

    Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!
    “Is This Seat Taken?”
    (C) Willa Okati, 2008
    “Is this seat taken?”
    Randall glanced up from page 63 of his paperback, scanning the 90% emptiness of the diner. Not many folks came out for a burger and fries on Thanksgiving. To give the folks here due credit, they’d decorated with paper turkeys, orange and [...]

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