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The Flavors of Summer

Copyright 2008, Kimberly Gardner

The sand is hot under Adam’s bare feet, hot enough that he considers going back for the flip-flops he left on the patio in front of the lounge chair. But he doesn’t go back. Instead he lets his gaze settle on his lover and that’s enough to make him forget everything else.

Jimmy sits on a blanket at the tide’s edge, just where the dry sand turns to that hard-packed surface where they walked last night. In the moonlight. Just as the tide was coming in.

Adam smiles remembering the wave that surprised them while they were kissing, ran right up under their feet, and how Jimmy had laughed, an unguarded, child-like sound. There was that much joy in it.

After that they went back to the house, a two bedroom bay-side bungalow complete with wicker furniture and a glorious view of the water, and made love.

Adam shivers recalling how Jimmy held him down, how he filled him up, and the feeling of peace and contentment that blanketed him as he drifted off to sleep, their fingers twined together.

As if sensing him there, Jimmy looks up from the book he’s reading. His lips curve, that smile all the invitation Adam needs.

He crosses the short stretch of sand and drops onto the blanket beside his lover. “Hey babe.” He traces a fingertip up Jimmy’s thigh, pausing at the hem of his shorts. “You look a little red. Want me to put some sunscreen on you?”

Jimmy’s eyes take on that wary, I-know-what-you’re-up-to look and the smile turns to a grin. His gaze drops to the hand on his thigh and he marks his page before setting his book aside. “You finish your phone call?”

“Yeah.” Adam slides his hand a little further up Jimmy’s thigh, just an inch or so up the leg of the baggy shorts.

“get everything set with Jon?” Jimmy shifts, spreading his legs, giving Adam room, and permission, to play.

“Yeah.” Adam finds his prize. Jimmy’s cock rests against his thigh, still soft, but not for long. He wraps his fingers around the warm flesh. Jimmy’s hips shift and his cock begins to fill.

With his other hand, Adam picks up the sunscreen. The plastic bottle feels slick and a little gritty. He flips open the top. Letting go of his lover’s cock, he squeezes some of the coconut scented lotion into his hand. It’s warm from lying in the sun. He rubs his palms together then slowly slides them up Jimmy’s legs and under the hem of his shorts. With one hand, he grasps Jimmy’s half-hard cock while with the other he finds and strokes Jimmy’s balls.

Jimmy lays back on the blanket, watching him. “I don’t think I’m likely to get sunburn down there, babe.”

“Well no, not now you won’t. This is SPF45.”

Jimmy laughs, the sound a little breathless as Adam’s fingers slide lower, teasing the sensitive place just under his balls.

Leaning over he rubs his cheek along the hard length of Jimmy’s dick. He mouths the head through the material. In his hand Jimmy swells to full erection.

“Ah, Adam.” Jimmy’s fingers slide through Adam’s ponytail. “Maybe we should go back to the house.”

“What for?” Adam grips the metal pull of Jimmy’s Zipper in his teeth and slowly draws it down. Shoving the material aside, he buries his face in the open vee of Jimmy’s fly and inhales.

Mmm. Salt and sweat and male arousal mix with the scent of coconut sunscreen. He trails little kisses and licks down the line of hair on Jimmy’s belly. This taste, this smell is what he’ll remember most about their time here at the beach. For him this is the smell and the taste of summer.

He loves Jimmy. Loves the time they’ve spent here at this summer house with its little private strip of beach secluded at one end by the house itself and at the other by a fall of rocks that stretch all the way out into the bay like stepping stones for a giant. He loves how you can sit on those rocks at high tide and dangle your feet in the waves. How they’d done just that on Saturday while they shared a bottle of cabernet and watched the sailboats skim over the shimmering surface of the bay. How Jimmy had pressed him back on the sun-warmed rock and kissed him until they were both breathless and hard as steel.

It’s become a game between them with him pushing, flirting and teasing and seducing, to see how far Jimmy will go, how much he’ll do out here on the beach before he drags Adam back to the house and fucks him brainless. Not that there’s anyone to see them. Adam hasn’t seen a soul all weekend along their little stretch of sand. But Jimmy is still a little shy, reticent about having sex outdoors. It’s adorable how he gets all flustered and flushed right before he makes Adam stop whatever he’s doing. In fact, this is the farthest Jimmy has let him go all weekend.

Feeling bold, Adam eases Jimmy’s cock up and out through his open fly as he tugs the shorts lower on his lover’s hips.

He takes the head in his mouth and slowly slides his lips down the silky, steely length.

Mmm. So good.

His own cock strains against his zipper. He shifts so he can press against Jimmy’s calf, a little friction while he works his lover’s cock with lips and tongue and just a little teeth because that’s what his man likes.

He takes Jimmy deep, swallows around the head.

“God. Adam.” Jimmy grips his ponytail. There’s a tug then his waist-length hair is spilling around him. “I love your hair. So sexy.”

Adam opens his own shorts and takes his dick in his hand. He gives it a few hard strokes, feels the first sparks at the base of his spine. He swirls his tongue around Jimmy’s shaft, probes the slit, savors the salty-sweetness of pre-come as he gives his lover’s balls a light squeeze.

“Ah, baby. Just like that. God.” Jimmy has both hands in his hair now, holding him there as his hips jerk and he begins losing control, thrusting, fucking Adam’s mouth for real.

Adam picks up the pace. He matches the tempo of the sucking with the jacking of his own cock. He wants to bring them off together, knows he can do it.

Jimmy is beyond the point of stopping him now. Just a little more …

Adam’s thighs go tight. The orgasm races up his spine and down his legs. His balls pull up and Jimmy’s hand forces his head down.

Jimmy shouts his name as the cock in his mouth swells then pulses against his tongue. Warm, silky spunk spills through Adam’s fingers as its salty sweetness fills his mouth and throat. He swallows and pumps, dragging out the last drops of come with the final pulses of pleasure.

Adam draws back, letting Jimmy’s softening cock slip from his mouth. He lifts his gaze to meet his lover’s and licks his lips. Jimmy’s cheeks are flushed as he knows his own must be.

He crawls up Jimmy’s body and they share a long, deep kiss that tastes of spunk. And for him this is the real flavor of summer.

Written by Kimberly Gardner

As early as the seventh grade, Kimberly remembers slashing her favorite rockstars and reading romance. So it’s not surprising that her two passions, romance and putting pretty boys with other pretty boys, should come together in her writing. Moliere said, “Writing is like prostitution. First you do it for love, then for a few close friends, then for money.” Kimberly is delighted to finally be doing it for money.
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"The Flavors Of Summer" by Kimberly Gardner was published on August 31st, 2008 and is listed in Kimberly Gardner.

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  1. Robin S. wrote,

    Oh Gawd, that’s hot! Sounds like an amazing summer for two very hot men!

    Great flash!!

  2. Kimber wrote,

    Thanks Robin. Glad you liked it.

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