Well TEA is now with Sasha. YEA! Next week andre is taking off, so I’m not sure how much writing will get done, but I’m planning on starting a short cowboy story for an anthology. I think I have a plan of attack. I’m going to be plotting today at the pool. In the meantime, I thought I’d share…. I commissioned Anne Cain do me a piece of Simon and Payton. Some of you may have seen it, because I gave Lisabea permission to post it on her blog Nose in a Book but for those of you who haven’t. Here it is. Enjoy!!!

Pretty isn’t it? It’s not the cover. I’m hoping for another lovely nekkid male chest like on MFC but it gives you an idea what Payton and Simon look like.

Until next time…

Written by JL Langley

JL is a full-time writer, with over ten novels to her credit. Among her hobbies she includes reading, practicing her marksmanship (she happens to be a great shot), gardening, working out (although she despises cardio), searching for the perfect chocolate dessert (so far as she can tell ALL chocolate is perfect, but it requires more research)
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"What’s next?" by J.L. Langley was published on July 11th, 2008 and is listed in J.L. Langley.

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Comments on "What’s next?": 3 Comments

  1. lisabea wrote,

    Pool plotting sounds like a good day, JL. You deserve a little catchin’ up time.

    Cowboy? Er. Is it a shifter cowboy?

  2. Wave wrote,

    You deserve time off after TEA. I can’t wait for another hawt cover like MFC.

    This cowboy story – will it have a character from either The Tin Star or The Broken H?

  3. L.M. Prieto wrote,

    That picture is beautiful :) I can’t wait to see the cover (and to read TEA again. The story was awesome :).

    Now, about these cowboys . . .

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