Monday’s Publishers Weekly feature article is on erotica and erotic romance.
I’m very pleased with the article because it ends with a quote from me! about gay erotic romance.

Monday morning Deana Jamroz, cover artist and ad designer for MLR Press and joined me for a little meeting with the associate publisher at PW. It was great meeting, lots of nice things came out of it. I got advertising and networking tips and truly enjoyed the meeting and the staff at PW. Professional, intelligent and very helpful. I was impressed.

And guess what, as soon as we entered man’s office I noticed he collected shot glasses. Guess what I had with me? A promo moment. I’m so shameless. LOL! He now has a MEXICAN HEAT shot glass in his collection. Josh and I had a few hundred made up. Red tinted like the book cover, with the title and little black gun on them. If you buy the book, go to a booksigning or maybe beg me pretty, you can get one. I’ll have a few on me at RWA in July. The book comes out in September!

Written by Laura Baumbach

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"Publishers Weekly" by Laura Baumbach was published on June 24th, 2008 and is listed in Laura Baumbach.

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Comments on "Publishers Weekly": 4 Comments

  1. L.M. Prieto wrote,

    Cool article :)

    Congrats, Laura.

  2. lisabea wrote,

    Very cool!

  3. Laura Baumbach wrote,

    Thanks, Ladies. Being quoted in PW—It was a very exciting moment for me.

  4. Ally Blue wrote,

    Awesome! It’s way cool that the PW guy has one of your shot glasses now LOL. They sound gorgeous.

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