Slow going this week. We had a storm last Thursday that knocked out my power for a day. Ah, Texas in the springtime, gotta love it.

Then Sunday Ty fell off the swing set and had to go to the ER for stitches. Man he is one tough kid. He shed a few quiet tears when they numbed up his back, but that was it. If you’ve ever had stitches or staples you know how bad that medicine burns going in. He impressed the ER staff. Then after it was over looked up at me and Andre and grinned and said, “I get to tell Mason I took it like a man!” rolls eyes. Then there was the nifty paper scrub type top, cause when they irrigated the wound they soaked his shirt. It’s a Jedi shirt.” And it is still in his room and worn after school along with a play lightsaber at his hip. So he spent several days at home since the stitches or rather staples are in his back and we didn’t want him ripping them out. He’s impossible to write around, but I did get some accomplished.

I guess the biggest setback was realizing that 2 scenes were unnecessary and needed to be combined into the next 2 scenes. Not really a waste, since most of what was written is merging into other scenes, but it stumped me for a bit until I figured out what the problem was and why I didn’t like those scenes. I’m currently at the midway point in the novel and still on schedule to be finished in May.

It’s getting fun. I’m about to hit the part I’ve been dying to write. I’m hoping that it’s all down hill from here and goes quickly. I’ve got to go back over it once it’s done, I keep adding things in, but I’m still hoping to be done in May and have the finished MS to Sasha in June sometime.

Until next time…

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"TEA Update week 8" by J.L. Langley was published on April 18th, 2008 and is listed in J.L. Langley.

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  1. lisabea wrote,

    Nothing says derail like an injured child. My daughter has had staples in her noggin twice. But they didn’t numb it. They just CLONK stapled it. Amazing. The first time was at a theme park, she slipped and whacked her head. We no sooner get the staples in when she’s all “Can we go ride some rides now?”. Second time? A Yankee Candle fell on her head. Those damned things are heavy.

    JL. I read me some of that MFC (in print) this morning. And when Aiden said “Mmm….Nate” I just about fell over laughing. That’s MY line. Heh.

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