I’m writing a hostage story this week. Finishing it up, really. Right now I’m taking a break from watching a run of cop/forensic TV shows trying to get the lingo just right. LOL. I know from being a nurse each career has its own special jargon and I want to add a touch of it to the story to make it realistic. Just a bit. I’m writing a hostage story for an anthology with Josh Lanyon and Sarah Black that is coming out soon in print with MLR Press. I think Josh and Sarah have their stories in ebook with another publisher, but I haven’t thought ahead enough to put mine out there as a single short yet. I’ll let you know when I do.

I like writing strong men forced into a vulnerable spot whether they are the kidnap victim or the one left behind to find their lover, both are made to be vulnerable. It’s a feast for a writer like me who likes emotion and romance and a little bit of angst. It’s been a fun story and if appeals enough to readers, I might do a regular shot with this guys a couple times a year. We’ll see how it goes. I ‘ve got a great B&W of the two guys I’m going to have added to the book so readers can see what I used for inspiration!

Written by Laura Baumbach

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"Hostages" by Laura Baumbach was published on March 26th, 2008 and is listed in Uncategorized.

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  1. lisabea wrote,

    WordPress ATE my comment

    Can’t wait for this anthology. Isn’t it out the end of April? Yes? ::rubs hands together::

  2. Laura Baumbach wrote,

    Yes, the end of April. I’m excited to read the other stories in the anthology myself. Gotta love men in ropes!

  3. Lidyah wrote,

    I haven’t read any of your books for a year now, Laura. Bad me, after all you were the first one to introduce me to e-books. But I’m looking forward to this anthology very much :)

  4. Laura Baumbach wrote,

    Thanks, Lidyah. Maybe I can lure you back to my work with this one!

  5. Lidyah wrote,

    I’ve actually got so many of your books to read like:

    (1) The Lost Temple of Karttikeya
    (2) Details of the Hunt
    (3) Home for the Holidays
    (4) Foreign Boys

    Plus need to pick up your other anthologies: (1) Ties that Bind (2) Scared Stiff (3) Blood Desires.

    So I’ve got a lot to get through before, I can start on anything else. But I have to admit, I am so excited about ‘Ripples on the Moon’ a long wait I know, but so excited!

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