I managed to damage my hand – well, I had a ganglian cyst appear just before Epicon and because I’m a software engineer by day and a writer all the time, it’s been very hard to cope with. If I type too much, it swells even larger and presses on nerves so two fingers go numb. If I try not to type as much, I don’t get anything done.


I saw the hand surgeon this morning and they’re going to call me back on Monday with a date to remove it and that will mean another day or two of no typing. Sheesh. Why couldn’t I hurt something else instead?

On the book front, I am working on my two stories for the Manlove Romance anthology, Hot Comfort.

The first story, Giving Thanks, was inspired by Thanksgiving and all the problems friends of mine have had with their families over the holidays. It’s now about 90% done!

The second story had been called Hard Candy but there are multiple other stories/books by that name and one of the main characters is a chocolatier who specializes in erotic chocolates. I’ve been fretting about this story forever and have been completely unable to start on it because I just cannot seem to write any story (even my Friday Flashes) without a title I like.

I finally have one and it’s now dubbed Bittersweet.

Maybe now I can get started on it, too – in between rounds of anti-inflammatories and rest!

Written by Maura Anderson

Maura began writing on a whim and writing male/male romance on a dare. She enjoyed the results so much that her muse can't seem to turn off the ideas and she continues to write stories about acceptance, being true to one's self and love.
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"SLOOOOW Going" by Maura Anderson was published on March 14th, 2008 and is listed in Maura Anderson.

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  1. Lidyah wrote,

    Sorry about your hand Maura, I hope things go smoothly when you get the surgery done :)

  2. Jet Mykles wrote,

    Oh man, sorry to hear about the hand. But glad they’re going to do something about it. May this be the last cyst!

    yay about the stories!

  3. Lyndi Lamont wrote,


    I’m glad they can operate on your hand. I’m fighting tendonitis in my left hand and there’s no quick fix for that, so I can definitely sympathize. Good luck with your operation.


  4. JL Langley wrote,

    oh man, sorry Maura.

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